94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Monday PM


Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - J. Harynuk; W. Mullett
Chair(s) - James Harynuk; Brianne Zorzetti

13:40 00015 Development of a Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Method for the Analysis of Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products Dimandja J.-M.D., Price M.B., Williams R.J.
14:20 00016 Combination of SPME and GCxGC-TOFMS for High Resolution Metabolite Profiling in Apples: Method Development Considerations and Potential of Novel Non-invasive In Vivo SPME Formats $Risticevic S., DeEll J.R., *Pawliszyn J.
14:40 00017 Two-dimensional GC Analysis of Wood Smokes, Skin Samples and Urine Samples following Wood Smoke Exposures *$McCarry B.E., Jasiak B., Fernando S.L.
15:00 00018 Analysis of Trace Alkyl Phosphates in Petroleum Samples by GC×GC-NPD Nizio K.D., *$Harynuk J.J.
15:20 00019 Characterization of Natural Products by Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Górecki T., Mostafa A., Chmiel T., Dymerski T., de Villiers A., Weldegergis B., Vestner J., Tredoux A.G.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00020 Fast FAME Analysis by GC *Desmangles R., Sharma R., Mullett W., Sathiaseelan A.
16:20 00021 Determination of Silicone Defoamers on Pulp Fibres and Mill Deposits by Py-GC/MS Sitholé B.
16:40 00022 Cyanide Quantification In Diverse Biological Matrices by Headspace GC-MS *Desharnais B., Huppé G., Lamarche M., Mireault P., Lepage K., Lapointe C.
17:00 00023 Practical Considerations for the Prediction of GC Retention Times Based on Thermodynamic Data *$Harynuk J.J., McGinitie T.M., Witty J.R.
17:20 00024 Development and Design of a New Single-stage Cryogenic Modulator for Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography (GC×GC) *$Mostafa A., Górecki T.
17:40 00025 Investigating the Potential of Low-temperature Co-fired Ceramic Microfluidic Platforms for Portable Gas Chromatography *$Thurbide K.B., Darko E., Gerhardt G., Michienzi J.
18:00 End of Session


Altered Proteins, Design and Engineering

Organizer(s) - J. Pelletier; R. Chica
Chair(s) - Roberto Chica

13:40 00243 Characterization of a New Photoactive Yellow Protein Kane L., $Woolley G.A.
14:00 00244 Cellobiohydrolase Substrate Specificity Switch *Montalibet J., Arzhangi Z., Lavigne J., Mather R., St-Pierre P., Tremblay A., $Tomashek J.
14:20 00245 Substrate and Reaction Specificity in the Enzymes of the Transsulfuration Pathways *$Aitken S.M., Lodha P.H., Jaworski A.F., Manders A.L., Hopwood E.M.S.
14:40 00246 Chimeric TEM-1/PSE-4 b-lactamases: Kinetic and Structural Properties of Artificially-evolved Enzymes Gobeil S., Clouthier C.M., Nguyen E., $Pelletier J.N.
15:00 00247 Engineering Synthetic Control Over Rho GTPases Using Calcium and Calmodulin Signaling Mills E., *$Truong K.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00248 Engineering a Transaminase for Sitagliptin Manufacture *Savile C.K., Janey J.M., Mundorff E.C., Moore J.C., Tam S., Jarvis W.R., Colbeck J.C., Krebber A., Fleitz F.J., Brands J, Devine P.N., Huisman G.W., Hughes G.J.
16:40 00249 FRep: A Fluorescent Protein-based Bioprobe for In Vivo Detection of Protein:DNA Interactions Shin J.A.
17:00 00250 Dissecting the Energetics of the Folding and pH-Myristoyl Switch of Hisactophilin Smith M.T.J., *$Meiering E.M.
17:20 00251 Designing Miniature Titin-like Proteins for Construction of Muscle-Mimetic Biomaterials *$Li H., Lv S., Cao Y., Balamurali B., Dudek D., Gosline J.
18:00 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications (joint with MT3)

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Patrick Hildgen

13:40 00252 Natural and Transgenic Spider Silk Proteins Investigated by NMR Leclerc J., Larouche J., Verreault-Lapointe C., Morency L.P., Lefčvre T., Pézolet M., Gagné S.M., *$Auger M.
14:00 00253 Development of Biocompatible Nanocomposites for Local Delivery of Growth Factor *$Zhang J, Kim H.L.
14:20 00254 Glycopolymers and Glyconanoparticles for Gene Delivery *$Narain R., Ahmed M.
15:00 00255 Towards Enhanced Gadolinium Contrast Agents for MRI: A Comparison of Macromolecular Architectures Homenick C.M., Atkins K., Mackey V., Maris M., Soleimani R., Martinez F., Scholl T., $Gillies E.R.
15:20 00256 Effect of PEG-Grafted Phospholipid Lateral Distribution on the Phase Behavior of Zwitterionic Phospholipid Membranes Tanwir K., Shahid M.N., Nosrati N., Bhayani T., Thomas A., *$Tsoukanova V.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00257 A Novel Combinatorial Method for Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Fabrication Sailer M., $Barrett C.J.
16:20 00258 Pegylated Bile Acids Used as Pharmaceutical Agents for Enhanced Drug Solubilization : Biocompatibility and Application Le Dévédec F., *Zhu X.X.
16:40 00259 Water-soluble Azlactone based Reactive Polymers for Biomedical Applications *Gardner C.M., $Stöver H.D.H.
17:00 00260 Assembly of Three-Dimensional DNA Super-Structures Conway J.W., McLaughlin C.K., Hamblin G., *$Sleiman H.
17:20 00261 Smart Lipid-and Polymer-Based Substrates for Artificial Synapses *Gopalakrishanan G., Yam P.T., Thostrup P., Lucido A.L., Rouiller I., Colman D.R., $Lennox R.B.
17:40 00262 Development of Films Made of Proteins Extracted from the Anchoring Threads of Marine Mussels Byette F., Marcotte I., *$Pellerin C.
18:00 End of Session


Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology (joint with OR11)

Organizer(s) - M.J. Damha; C.J. Wilds
Chair(s) - Chris Wilds

13:40 00263 Gene-silencing, Stability and Structural Properties of Fluorine Modified Nucleic Acids *$Egli M.
14:20 00264 18F-Aryltrifluoroborate Labeled Oligonucleotide Via Click Chemistry Li Y., *$Perrin D.M.
14:40 00265 Evidence for C-HŕF-C Pseudohydrogen Bonding in 2'F Modified Nucleic Acid Duplexes Yahyaee Anzahaee M., Watts J.K., Martin-Pintado N., Gomez-Pinto I., Gonzalez C., *$Damha M.J.
15:00 00266 Recognition and Maturation of Effector RNAs in a CRISPR Interference Pathway *$MacMillan A.M.
15:20 00267 Effect of Several Fluorine Substitutions in DNA and RNA Structures *Martin-Pintado N., Deleavey G., Watts J., González C., $Damha M.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00268 BODIPY in Oligonucleotide Lablelling *$Yan H., Yang L., Tram K., Wang Q.
16:20 00269 2'F-ANA-Modified AONs and siRNAs: Biological Applications, Structural Considerations, and Delivery Strategies Deleavey G.F., Watts J.K., Robert F., Martin-Pintado N., Soifer H., Chan D., Le P., Petrecca K., Shoichet M., Stein C., Pelletier J., *$Damha M.J.
16:40 00270 Single Molecule Fluorescence Characterization of DNA Based Nano-architectures Hariri A., Karan P., Lo P., Hamblin G., *Sleiman H., $Cosa G.
17:00 00271 Synthesis of High-Density RNA Microarrays Somoza M.M., Lackey J.G., Johnson R., Mitra D., Koh Y., Wickens M., Damha M.J.
17:20 00272 Integral Modification to Nucleic Acids and Analogues via "Click" Chemistry *$Hudson R.H.E.
17:40 End of Session


Peptide Science (joint with OR6)

Organizer(s) - W. Lubell; F. Polyak
Chair(s) - David Sabatino

14:20 00273 Self-Assembled Synthetic Ion Channels Yang D.
15:00 00274 Porphyrin Decorated Peptide Sequences for LIght-Harvesting Applications Akerfeldt K.S., Johnson W., Robilotti B.W., Kokona B.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00275 Tuning the Receptor Selectivity of GHRP-6 by Exploiting the Reactivity of Semicarbazones and Aza-Propargyl Glycine in Combinatorial Azapeptide Synthesis Proulx C., Sabatino D., Pohankova P., Ong H., *$Lubell W.D.
16:20 00276 Preclinical Characterization of a Nerve Growth Factor Peptidomimetic for the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease *$Meerovitch K., Lama T., Cumberlidge G., Saragovi H.U.
17:00 00277 Development of Substance P Related Small Peptides and Peptidomimetics with Intriguing Effects on Neuropathic Pain Sandström A.
17:40 00274 Design of a Library to Explore the Amatoxin and Phallotoxin Chemical Space Blanc A., $Perrin D.M.
18:00 End of Session


How I Do It

Organizer(s) - J. Schwarcz
Chair(s) - David Harpp

13:40 00592 A Chemical Demonstration to Illustrate a Medical Mystery Fenster A.E.
13:55 00593 Spamming and Other Pedagogical Tools Lucy C.A.
14:10 00594 A Great Demo for Young and Older Kids ! Gauthier J.M.
14:25 00595 How to Teach 3rd Graders About DNA *$Sabatino D.
14:40 00596 Timbits and the Partition Function...Feeding Students Statistical Thermodynamics *$Wiseman P. W.
14:55 00597 I Do It with Props and Toys ! Barrett C.J.
15:10 00598 On Your Mark.....Get Set....GO! Taking the Time to Teach the Importance of Time Venkateswaran R.
15:25 00599 Functional True/False Testing *$Mittermaier A.K.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00600 Organic Synthesis for Non-Chemists: Hard Rock and the Curtius Rearrangement *$Tsantrizos Y.S.
16:15 00601 Teaching a History of Chemistry Course at a Liberal Arts University Patenaude G.W.
16:30 00602 Six Degrees of Separation: A Chemistry Literature Search Assignment Dennie D., *Cuccia L.A.
16:45 00603 Molecular Modeling of Buckyball with Beads Tang N.Y.-W., Cheung P.S.M., *Cuccia L.A.
17:00 00604 Duelling Bonding Theories: A Student Engagement Strategy to Improve Effective Use of Molecular Bonding Models *$McNeil W.S.
17:15 00605 Lewis Structures, Oxidation States, and Stoichiometry Made Easy and Fun! *Gauvin F.
17:30 00606 The Engaged Experimenter Jansen M.P.
17:45 End of Session


Poster Session

From 17:40 until 20:30

17:40 00607 Teaching Hemoglobin to Third Graders Proulx C., Beiba S., *$Lubell W.D.
17:40 00608 Teaching about G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) by Combining Science and Art in Elementary School Drapeau C., Kassem T., *$Lubell W.D.
17:40 00609 Mineral Water Analysis: A General Chemistry Experiment *$Bazzi A., Bazzi J., Bandyopadhyay K., Stewart O.
17:40 00610 Teaching Third Graders About Digestive Enzymes Godina T., Collett G., Di Cesare A., $Lubell W.D.
17:40 00611 Detection of Salicylic Acid in Willow Bark: An Experiment for Introductory Organic Chemistry *$Clay M.D., McLeod E.J.
17:40 00612 How To Teach 3rd Graders About Cellulose Beauregard K., Rodriguez D., *Lubell W.D.
17:40 End of Session


Batteries and electrochemical capacitors (joint with IC1)

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Dominic Rochefort

13:40 00670 Solid State Synthesis of C-LiFePO4 at Low Temperatures Liang G.
14:20 00671 Study of the Electrochemistry and Cathode-Electrolyte Interface of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 *$Davidson I.J., Niketic S., Duncan H., Whitfield P., Abu-Lebdeh Y.
15:00 00672 Metal Oxide and Quinone Modified Carbon Fabrics for Electrochemical Capacitors *$Pickup P.G., Liu X., Algharaibeh Z.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 Keryn Lian

16:40 00673 Modified Carbons for Electrochemical Capacitor Weissmann M., *Bélanger D.
17:00 00674 Electrochemical Performance of MnO2 Electrodes in Neutral Aqueous Electrolytes and in Protic Ionic Liquids (PIL) Castro C., *$Rochefort D., Bélanger D.
17:20 End of Session


General session / Environmental award session

Organizer(s) - W. Cullen; D. Loock
Chair(s) - Daniela Loock; William Cullen

13:40 00751 Converting Waste Plastic Wastes into Environmental Friendly Products *Siddiqui M.N.
14:00 00752 Rapid Automated Separation and Measurement of Actinides for Routine and Emergency Situations *Guerin N., Nadeau K., $Lariviere D.
14:20 00753 Arsenic Mobilization from Surface and Underground Sediments from the Con and Giant Gold Mines, Yellowknife, Canada *$Cullen W. R., Polischuk E.A., Chen J., Koch I., Reimer K.J.
15:00 00754 Bioaccessibility: Linking Analytical Chemistry to Brownfield Redevelopment Reimer K.J., Meunier L., Koch I.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00755 Advocacy vs. Evidence - Environmental & Public Health Impacts of the Oil Sands Industry Hrudey S.
Environment Division Research and Development Award

16:40 00756 Analytical and Environmental Chemistry of Arsenic Chen B., Lu X., McGuigan C., Shen S., Zhang Q., Chen L., Geisel J., McKnight-Whitford A., *Le X.C.
17:20 End of Session


Applied Nanotechnology (joint with MT10)

Organizer(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler
Chair(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler

13:40 00896 Dual-emitting MnxZn1-xSe/ZnSe:Mn2+ Nanocrystals with Tunable Relative Emission, Wavelength and Lifetime $Lamarre S.A., Lecavalier M.E., Ritcey A.M., *Allen C.N.
14:00 00897 Orchestrating Nanoplasmonics from Nitzschia Palea Diatoms *$Andrews M.P., Hajiaboli A., Hiltz J., Singh G., Gonzalez T., Fussmann G.
14:20 00898 Studying Optical Properties of 2D and 3D Ordered Structures of Silver Nanocubes and Gold Nanocages Ahamad N., *Bottomley A., $Ianoul A.
14:40 00899 (Ga1-xZnx)(N1-xOx) Nanostructures: Towards the Origin of Visible Luminescence Via 2D XAFS-XEOL Spectroscopy Ward M.J., Han W., *$Sham T.K.
15:00 00900 Polymer Nanoparticle Encapsulation for Delivery of Active Ingredients *$Anderson D.J., Das A., Pham H., Li F., Norton D., Goh J.B.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00901 Porous Silica/Polymer Hybrid Materials for the Extraction of Actinides Dupont J., $Kleitz F., *Larivičre D.
16:20 00902 Nanoscale Control of Boron Subphthalocyanine Crystals for Organic Solar Cells Paton A.S., *$Bender T.P.
16:40 00903 Adsorption of SO2 onto Functionalized Mesoporous Silica : A Novel Sorbent Material for Industrial Flue Gas Desulfurization Procedures Pitre R., $Mercier L.
17:00 00904 Porous Silicon Optical Sensors: Simultaneous Identification and Quantification of Gas-phase Volatile Organic Compounds Kelly T.L., Garcia Sega A., *Sailor M.J.
17:20 00905 Advantages and Limitations of Using Ln3+ - doped NaYF4 Upconverting Nanocrystals as Imaging Agents in Two-photon Upconversion Laser (Scanning and Wide Field Microscopy) Pichaandi J., Boyer J.C., $van Veggel F.C.J.M, *Delaney K.R.
17:40 00906 Nanometric Inks for Identification and Neutralization of Explosive Peroxides *$Apblett A.W., Materer N.F., Bussan D., Barber K.N, Hoel D.
18:00 End of Session


Batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors (joint with EG1)

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Dominic Rochefort

13:40 See EG1.

16:40 End of Session


Green Materials: Formulation, Fabrication and Processing (joint with MT14)

Organizer(s) - J. Denault; A. Mohanty; M. Misra
Chair(s) - J. Denault; M. Misra

13:40 00907 Renewably Sourced High Performance SoronaÓ Polymer and Triexta Fibers: Processing and Application Development Kurian J.V.
14:20 00908 Bioplastics and Green Materials from Renewable Resources: Move Towards a Low-Carbon Economy! *Mohanty A.K.
14:40 00909 Towards High Performance Sustainable Plastics: Morphology Development and Interfacial Interactions in Polymer Blends with Thermoplastic Starch *Favis B.D., Li G., Sarazin P.
15:00 00910 Characteristics, Properties, and Applications of Carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals Prepared from a Novel One-Step Procedure *Leung A.C.W., Mahmoud K.A., Luong J.H.T.
15:20 00911 Multifunctional Green Nano-Biocomposites from Bio-oil based Resin Systems: An Overview *Misra M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00912 The Selection, Validation, Processing and Use of Green Material in the Manufacturing of Automotive Parts: An Industry Perspective on the Green Revolution *Khalil H.
16:40 00913 Green Method for Lignin Modification for Polymer Applications *$Ton-That M.-T.
17:00 00914 Designing Greener Plasticizers Erythropel H., Cooper D.G., Maric M., Leask R
17:20 00915 Industrial Applications of Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvent Systems Holland A.M., Wechsler D., Resendes R., Jessop P.G.
17:40 00916 Development of a Novel Oleochemical Wood Preservation Process *Hersant G.
18:00 End of Session


Smart Stimuli-responsive Materials: From Fundamentals to Applications

Organizer(s) - Y. Zhao; L. Robitaille; T. Wigglesworth
Chair(s) - Yue Zhao; Soo Young Park

13:40 Joint with MS and MT - See MS2.

18:00 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - C. Reber
Chair(s) - P.V. Radovanovic

13:40 00997 Supramolecular Chemistry Applied to Nanosensor Design Based on Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence Bracamonte A.G., Brouard D., Magnan F., L.-Viger M., *$Boudreau D.
14:00 00998 Shape Design and Property Alterations of Aurocarbon Core-shell Species *$Naumkin F.Y.
14:20 00999 Size Control in the Synthesis of Thiolate-Protected Gold Nanoparticles *Goulet P.J.G., $Lennox R.B.
14:40 01000 Synthesis of Nanostructured NiS2 by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis $Mondal D., Villemure G., *Song C., Li G., Zhang J., Hui R., Fairbridge C., Chen J.
15:00 01001 From Molecule to Materials: Crystalline Superlattices of Nanoscopic CdS Levchenko T.I., Kübel C., *Corrigan J.F., Huang Y.
15:20 01002 Isocyano Analogues of the Classic Unsaturated Cobalt Carbonyls *$Figueroa J.S., Margulieux G.W., Weidemann N., Carpenter A.E.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01003 Tunable Dual Emission in Doped Semiconductor Nanoparticles Beaulac R., Vlaskin V.A., Janßen N., *$Gamelin D.R.
16:20 01004 Development of New Ferroelectric Materials from La(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 - Bi(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 - PbTiO3 Ternary Solid Solution Belan R.A., Tailor H.N,, *$Ye Z.-G.
16:40 01005 The Effect of High-Pressure on Molecular Magnetism Prescimone A., *$Brechin E.
17:00 01006 In Situ High Pressure Study of ZIF-8 by FTIR Spectroscopy Hu Y., Huang Y.N., Song Y.
17:20 01007 Pressure and Temperature Dependent Luminescence Study of Cyclometalated Pt(II) Complexes Rodrigue-Witchel A., Reber C.
17:40 End of Session


Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

Organizer(s) - P. Ragogna; A. Dyker
Chair(s) - C. Adam Dyker

13:40 01008 The Chemistry of Si6R6 Isomers *Scheschkewitz D., Abersfelder K., White A.J.P., Rzepa H.S.
14:20 01009 Fundamental Insights from the Investigation of Complexes of Low Valent Tin with Multidentate Ligands Macdonald C.L.B.
14:40 01010 Development of Main Group Complexes for the Activation of CO2 and Related Heteroallenes Dickie D.A., $Kemp R.A.
15:00 01011 Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Cationic Lead(II) Thiolates *$Briand G.G., Decken A., Finniss M.C., Gordon A.D., Hughes N.E., Scott L.M.
15:20 01012 Recent Advances in the Reactivity of Low Valent Carbon and Phosphorus Centres *$Masuda J.D., Giffin N.A., Hendsbee A.D., MacDonald S.C.A, Keyes L.K., Roemmele T.L., Lumsden M.D.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01013 A Luminescent Boron-Stabilized Enol: Catalytic Alkyne Hydration Assisted by Lewis Acid/Base Cooperativity Sun C., Lu J.-S., *$Wang S.
16:20 01014 Synthesis and Properties of Polyaminoboranes Prepared by Catalytic Dehydrocoupling of Amine-Boranes Robertson A.P.M., Staubitz A., Sloan M.E., Helten H., Vance J.R., *Manners I.
16:40 01015 Advances and Challenges in Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrogenations Using "Frustrated Lewis Pairs" Heiden Z.M., *Stephan D.W.
17:00 01016 Synthesis and Subsequent Reaction Chemistry of Germanium Hydrazides Brown Z.D., Fettinger J.C., $Power P.P.
17:20 01017 Activation of Hydrogen with Perfluoroarylboranes: Scope and Mechanism Piers W.E., Fan C., Houghton A.Y., Dutton J.L., Marwitz A., Parvez M., Tuononen H.M.
18:00 End of Session


Symposium in Honour of John Harrod

Organizer(s) - I.S. Butler; D. Zargarian
Chair(s) - Davit Zargarian

13:40 01018 Catalytic Dehydrocoupling/Dehydrogenation of Amine Boranes: Mechanisms and Applications Manners I.
14:20 01019 Some Developments in Organosilyl and Group 4 Metallocene Chemistry in Canada in the Post-Harrod Era *$Baird M.C., Sauriol F., Sonnenberg J.F., Chadder S.J., Dunlop-Bričre A.F.
15:00 01020 Surprising Mechanisms of Action of Asymmetric Ketone Hydrogenation Catalysts *$Morris R.H.
15:20 01021 Strong Evidence for Iron Nanoparticles Catalyzing Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Sonnenberg J.F., Morris R.H., Coombs N., Dube P., Prokopchuk D.E.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01022 New Pathways in Metal-Mediated Transformations of Organosilicon Compounds *$Tilley T.D.
16:40 01023 The Coordination Chemistry of Borabenzene Revisited *$Fontaine F.-G., Barnes S.S., Légaré M.-A., Maron L.
17:00 01024 New Ru, Rh, and Ir Complexes Supported by Hemilabile PSiN Mixed Donor Tridentate Silyl Ligands Ruddy A.J., *$Turculet L.
17:20 01025 Organometallic Chemistry with a Difference: Reactions in Water and in Ionic Liquids Chan T.H.
18:00 End of Session


Poster Session

From 17:40 until 20:30

17:40 01026 The Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Lanthanide Complexes with Carbazole-bis(oxazoline) Ligands Zou J., Berg D.
17:40 01027 Fungus on Your Wood? Try a Copper(I) Arylspiroboronate Ester Complex! Lee G.M., Vogels C.M., Decken A., Baerlocher F.J., *Westcott S.A.
17:40 01028 Iridium Arylspiroboronate Esters: Effective Precatalysts for the Hydroboration of Alkenes with Pinacolborane Lee G.M., Vogels C.M., Decken A., *Westcott S.A.
17:40 01029 Palladium Salicylaldimine Complexes Derived from 2,3-dihydroxybenzaldehyde Bowes E.G., Lee G.M., Vogels C.M., Decken A., Barnett D.A., *Westcott S.A.
17:40 01030 Studies on Synthesis, Characterization, Luminescence Properties and Biological Activity of Lanthanide Complexes with a Macroacyclic Schiff Base Ligand *$Taha Z., Ajlouni A., Faiq A.
17:40 01031 Raman Spectroscopy of Iron (II) Spin Crossover Complexes Rollet F.G., *Reber C.
17:40 01032 Optical Spectroscopy for Some Organometallic Complexes Intissar M., Reber C.
17:40 01033 Frustrated Lewis Pairs with Bidentate Lewis Acids: CO2 Activation and More Dömer J., Stephan D.W.
17:40 01034 Stabilized 4- and 5-Coordinate Polystannanes Khan A., *$Foucher D.A.
17:40 01035 Exploring Electronic Behaviour in N-Heterocyclic Organometallic Complexes *Poisson J., Wharf I., Bohle D.S., Barsan M.M., Gu Y., $Butler I.S.
17:40 01036 Ruthenium Piano-Stool Complexes Incorporating Novel Bis(N-pyrrolidinyl)alkylphosphines Beach M.T., Wang R., *$Spivak G.J.
17:40 01037 Hydrogenation of LiH/Al Catalyzed with TiN, TiMn2 and LaNi5 $Azenwi F.F., Langmi H.W., McGrady G.S.
17:40 01038 Death and Dying in Ru-Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis: Direct Studies of the Active Species under Catalytic Conditions Lummiss J., $Fogg D.E.
17:40 01039 Exchange Interactions in Mn2+-Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals Beaulac R., *$Gamelin D.R.
17:40 01040 The Effect of High-Pressure on Molecular Magnetism Prescimone A., *$Brechin E., Parsons S.
17:40 01041 An Improved Route to the Second-Generation Grubbs Catalyst, RuCl2(H2IMes)(PCy3)(=CHPh) Reckling A., Lummiss J., $Fogg D.E.
17:40 01042 Synthesis and Phase Analysis of New Ferroelectric Ceramics and Single Crystals of Lead-Free (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 (Bi0.5K0.5)TiO3 BaTiO3 Ternary System Wong J.Y.Y., *$Ye Z.-G.
17:40 01043 Iron/Aluminum Separation Using Polymer Enhanced Filtration $Nagy E., *Alex S.
17:40 01044 Twisting, Bending, Stretching: Strategies for Making Ferromagnetic [MnIII3] Triangles Inglis R., Papaefstathiou G.S., Wernsdorfer W., *Brechin E.K.
17:40 01045 Primary N-Nitroamide Acids and Their Transition-Metal Complexes Chua Z., *$Bohle D.S.
17:40 01046 Insights On Metallation of Pincer-Type Ligands by Nickel(II) Vabre B., *Ess D., $Zargarian D.
17:40 01047 Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies Related to the Development of Improved Iron Catalysts for Ammonia-Borane Dehydrogenation Rankin M.A., *$Baker R.T.

IN General - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 01048 Half-Sandwich Rhodium(III) Complexes Featuring a Phosphine-Alane Ligand for the Stabilization of Rhodium and Aluminum Bound Ethylene p-Complexes Boudreau J., *$Fontaine F.-G.
17:40 01049 An Organometalic Approach to Single-Molecule Magnets Le Roy J., Jeletic M., *$Murugesu M.
17:40 01050 Structural and Magnetic Differences in Two Tetranuclear Dysprosium (III) Single-Molecule Magnets Lin P.-H., Korobkov I., Burchell T.J., Ungur L., *$Murugesu M., Chibotaru L.F., Wernsdorfer W.
17:40 01051 Early or Late?: Copper Salts and Oxovanadium Complexes for Selective Oxidation of Lignin Models *Díaz-Urrutia C., $Baker R.T., Sedai B.
17:40 01052 Novel Early Transition Metal Complexes Containing Sterically Bulky Bis(amido)silyl Ligands Lummis P.A., $Rivard E., Al-Rafia S.M. I, Liew S.J.-H., Ferguson M.J., McDonald R.
17:40 01053 Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of a Mononuclear, Cobalt(II) based Single Molecule Magnet Farghal A., Jurca T., Korobkov I., Murugesu M., Richeson D.
17:40 01054 Synthesis of Planar Chiral Complexes of Novel Phosphonium 1-Indenylides and a Study of Their Enantioselective Catalytic Properties Purdavaie K., $Baird M.C.
17:40 01055 Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Ln(III) Compounds with Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Ligands Fatila E.M., $Preuss K.E., Jennings M., Clerac R., Lough A.
17:40 01056 Oxygen- and Nitrogen-Group Transfers in Aryl-Nitroso Iron Complexes Habibian M., *$Ottenwaelder X.
17:40 01057 Assigning Transitions and Modeling Predicted Electronic Spectra for Inorganic Complexes Involving Innocent and Non-innocent Ligands Dares C., Fourner R., *$Lever A.B.P.
17:40 01058 Probing the Fate of Metathesis Catalysts Under Catalytically-relevant Conditions Blacquiere J.M., *Fogg D.E.
17:40 01059 Exploring the Strong Binding of Dinitrogen to Ruthenium Centers Higman C.S., Blacquiere J.M., $Fogg D.E.
17:40 01060 Selective Oxidative Additions and Functionalizations of Fluorinated Arenes with Ni(0) and a Nitrogen Ancillary Ligand Doster M.E., *Johnson S.A.
17:40 01061 Reactivity of a Ruthenium Formate Complex Ireland B.J., $Fogg D.E.
17:40 01062 Structural Variations in Rigid Pincer-Type NON Ligands for Highly Electropositive Metals Andreychuk N.R., $Emslie D.J.H.
17:40 01063 Uncovering New Reactivity Utilizing Frustrated Lewis Pairs Caputo C.B., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01064 Towards the Synthesis of Late Transition Metal Complexes Featuring New CSiC Tridentate Silyl Carbene Ligands Weale M., *$Turculet L.
17:40 01065 The Synthesis and Application of Tridentate Phosphinimine Ligands in Group 8 Chemistry Brown C.C., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01066 Examples of Spectroscopic Methods Used to Probe Organometallic Compounds Baslon V., Reber C.
17:40 01067 Exploiting Functional Group Containing Ligands for the Synthesis of Group 10 Pincer Complexes Sgro M.J., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01068 Preparation and Reactivity of Terminal Group 3 Imido Complexes Chu T., $Piers W.E., Parvez M.
17:40 01069 A 3,6-Bis(2-pyridyl)pyridazine Complex of Dimethylplatinum(II): An Attempt at Bimetallic C-H Bond Activation *McCready M.S., $Puddephatt R.J.
17:40 01070 Mononuclear and Dinuclear Palladium and Nickel Complexes of Phosphinimine-based Tridentate Ligands Dahcheh F., Cariou R., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01071 Towards Organometallic Platforms for Water Activation: arylPCP-Rh Complexes Riegel S.D., $Piers W.E., Masood P.
17:40 01072 Synthesis and Properties of Mn2+-Doped CdSe Nanoparticles from Cluster Precursors Nikkel B., *Eichhöfer A., $Corrigan J.F.
17:40 01073 Heterobimetallic Ru(II) Complexes Based on 2-(2'-pyridyl)indolyl and 2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl Ligands Wang N., $Wang S.
17:40 01074 Coordination Chemistry of Indigo Derivatives *Nawn G., $Hicks R.G.
17:40 01075 Synthesis of Polyferrocenyl Stannanes Through a Pt Catalyzed Condensation Ward J., Al-Fouri T., Stanescu P., *$Foucher D.A.
17:40 01076 Reactivity of CO2 with Scandium b-diketiminato Supported Neutral, Cationic and Dicationic Bis-alkyls LeBlanc F.A., $Piers W.E., *Berkefeld A., Parvez M.
17:40 01077 A Novel PCP Iridium Complex for Bond Activation Burford R.J., $Piers W.E., Parvez M.
17:40 01078 Monomeric Platinum(II) Hydroxides Stabilized by Bulky a-Diimine Ligands Lohr T.L., Piers W. E., Parvez M.
17:40 01079 New Class of Triarylboron Electron-Transport Materials for Highly Efficient Blue PhOLEDs Varlan M., $Wang S.
17:40 01080 Synthesis and Structure of Chromium (III) Complexes of Amine-bis(phenolate) Ligands Belanger J.A., *$Kozak C.M.
17:40 01081 Frustrated Lewis Pairs as Ambiphilic and Amphoteric Ligands for Transition Metal Complexes Granville S.L., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01082 An Azadipyrromethene Dye Derivative in Coordination Chemistry: Homoleptic M(II) Complexes Bessette A., Ferrera J., Bélanger F., $Désilets D., *Hanan G.S.
17:40 01083 Synthesis and Properties of a Highly-Energetic Compound Containing a Chain of Ten Nitrogen Atoms Klapötke T.M., Piercey D.G.
17:40 01084 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Hydroxyamidinate Ligands and Their Metallic Complexes Cibian M., Langis-Barsetti S., *Hanan G.S.
17:40 01085 Characterization of Al-exchanged Clay Nanocomposites *$Parvinzadeh M.
17:40 01086 Physicochemical and Electrochemical Properties of New Redox Couples for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Brault V., Breau L., *$Marsan B.

Sympoisum in Honour of John Harrod posters

17:40 01087 Dimeric Rhodium Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands Zenkina O.V., Keske E.C., Wang R., *Crudden C.M.

Sympoisum in Honour of John Harrod - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 01088 The Synthesis and Characterization of Iron-Gold Core-Shell Nanoparticles Rak M.J., Moores A., Cirtiu C.M.
17:40 01089 Synthesis of Abnormal N-Heterocyclic Carbene CCC Pincer Ligands Keske E.C., $Crudden C.M.

Metal-catalyzed Polymerization posters

17:40 01090 Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers via Zirconium Metallacycle Transfer *$Kang L.
17:40 01091 A Powerful New Ruthenium Initiator for Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization: Precise, Ambient-Temperature Control, and Facile Removal Marleau-Gillette J., *Monfette S., $Fogg D.E.

Metal-catalyzed Polymerization - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 01092 Side-chain Co(I) Polymers Featuring an Appended CpCoC4R4 Moeity Chadha P., Ragogna P.J.
17:40 01093 Lithium, Zinc and Group 4 Metal Complexes Supported by Amine-phenolate Ligands in Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide and e-Caprolactone Ikpo N., *Kerton F.M.
17:40 01094 Investigation of Multimetallic Li and Cr Complexes as Polymerization Catalysts Dean R.K., *$Kozak C.M.
17:40 01095 Bis(imino)pyridine Based Vanadium Catalysts in Vinyl Acetate Polymerization *$Shaver M.P., Perry M.R.
17:40 01096 Synthesis of Click Main-chain Bile Acid Polymers Ivanysenko O., *Zhu X.X.

Metallosupramolecular Assemblies posters

17:40 01097 Metal-Directed Self-Assembly of Macrocycles Laramee B., *K. Pal A.
17:40 01098 Relativistic Density Functional Study on Electronic Structure and Stability of An6O88+ Clusters and Related An(IV)-Oxygen Polyhedra, An=Th, U *Shamov G.A.
17:40 01099 Fe(III)-Ln(III) Calix(4)arene Clusters Sanz S., *Dalgarno S.J., $Brechin E.K.
17:40 01100 New Co-based Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with Asymmetric Hcpt Ligand Aharen T., Habib F., Korobkov I., Kleiz F., $Murugesu M.
17:40 01101 Recipes for Enhanced Molecular Cooling *Hooper T.N., Evangelisti M., Langley S.K., Murray K.S., $Brechin E.K.
17:40 01102 Gradual Spin Crossover Behaviour in a Novel Linear Trinuclear Fe(II) Complex Cook C., Savard D., Enright G.D., Korobkov I., Burchell T.J., *$Murugesu M.

Metallosupramolecular Assemblies - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 01103 Rhodium Amidinate Dimers as Hubs for Supramolecular Assemblies and Antennas Chartrand D., *Hanan G.S.
17:40 01104 Analysing the Physical Properties of Transition Metal and Lanthanide Thiocyanate Complexes Savard D., *Leznoff D.B.
17:40 01105 Nanocomposite Derived from Montmorillonite and Metallosupramolecular Polyelectrolyte: Modular Compounds for Electrorheological Fluids Geist M., Brede F., Boussois K., Rossignol S., Smith A., Peyratout C.S., *Kurth D.K.
17:40 01106 A Single Pot Synthesis for a Class of Palladium(II) Based Self-Assembly Tripathy D., *Debata N.B., $Chand D.K.
17:40 01107 Thio Appended Crown Ethers for Inverse Metal Organic Rotaxane Frameworks (i-MORF) Frank N.C., *Loeb S.J.
17:40 01108 Building Polynuclear Complexes with Double Headed Phenolic Oximes $Mason K., Chang J., Prescimone A., Schnack J., Tasker P.A., Carretta S., *Brechin E.K.
17:40 01109 Transition Metal Calixarene Complexes Taylor S.M., MacIntosh R.D., Evangelisti M., Dalgarno S.J., $Brechin E.K.
17:40 01110 Toward High Spin Polymetallic Complexes Containing Triarylamminium Radical-Cation Ligands Revunova K., *$Lemaire M.T.
17:40 01111 A Self-assembly Approach of Chromophores and Polyoxometalates Pal A.K., Santoni M.-P., Laramee B., Tremblay P.M., *Hanan G.S.

Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

17:40 01112 Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Low Valent Tin Hydrides Knapp C.E., *$Power P.P.
17:40 01113 Characterization of New Trithionite Salts Bruna P.J., Grein F., *$Passmore J., Paulose T.A.P.
17:40 01114 X-Ray Crystal Structure of (C2H5)4N(SO2)Br Adduct, Reversible Uptake of SO2 Kumar A., $Passmore J., *McGrady G.S.
17:40 01115 A Newly Developed C1-bridged Phosphorus/Boron System: Application as a Frustrated LEWIS Pair Stute A., Kehr G., Fröhlich R., *Erker G.
17:40 01116 Preparation and Reactivity of 2-Amino-3-N-pyridinium-thiophenes: Precursors to Cyclic and Acyclic Thiazyls *Hayward J.J., $Rawson J.M.
17:40 01117 Bonding Properties of Seven-membered Carbocyclic Carbenes and Their Metal Complexes Peuronen A., Hänninen M. M., Moilanen J., *Tuononen H.M.
17:40 01118 Synthesis, Characterization, and Chemical Bonding of Alkali Metal Silyl Hydride Complexes: Tetrahedral vs Inverted Coordination *$Wolstenholme D.J., Landry M.J., McGrady G.S., Prince P.D., Steed J.W.
17:40 01119 N,C-Bound Phosphenium Cations: Reactivity Towards Small Molecules Gray P.A., *Ellis B.D.

Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 01120 A Borabenzene Ditertbutylphosphine Ligand for use in Group 10 Metal Complexes Macha B., $Fontaine F.-G.
17:40 01121 The Effect of the Environment on the 125Te NMR Chemical Shift of Ditellurides Elder P.J.W., *Vargas-Baca I.
17:40 01122 Activation of Carbon Dioxide by Ambiphilic Molecules Courtemanche M.-A., *Boudreau J., $Fontaine F.
17:40 01123 Exploring the Chemical Bonding and Supramolecular Chemistry of Alkali Metal Dimethylamidoboranes $Flogeras J., Wolstenholme D.J., Decken A., *McGrady G.S.
17:40 01124 P-C Model Complexes and Polymers for Metal Sequestration Juilfs A., Gates D.
17:40 01125 Radical Anion Salts of a 1,2,5-Thiadiazolo-naphthoquinone Morgan I.S., $Preuss K.E., Jennings M., Clerac R.
17:40 01126 Investigating Allylindium Structure and Reactivity Allan C.J., *$Macdonald C.L.B.
17:40 01127 Tris(pentafluorophenyl)boron-Catalyzed Metal-Free Amine Racemization and Transfer Hydrogenation Farrell J.M., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 01128 Hydride Transfer from [HB(C6F5)3]-: Stepwise or Concerted Bailey A., *Webb J.D., Mosey N., $Crudden C.M.
17:40 01129 Triarylboron-Containing Materials for High-Performance OLEDs *Hudson Z.M., $Wang S.
17:40 01130 Electron-Transport Materials Built on an Intramolecular B-N Coordination Scaffold: Synthesis and Properties of Boryl-Substituted 5, 5'-Bis (2-pyridine)-2,2'-bithiophene Rao Y., Amarne H., Jia P., Wang S.
17:40 01131 Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Tetraaryldiphosphine and Triarylphosphine Cation Radicals and Some Arsenic Analogues Taghavikish M., $Boeré R.
17:40 01132 Synthesis of Bifunctional Ligands: Borabenzene and Phosphole Rioux P., *Fontaine F.-G., $B-Chabot G., Maron L.
17:40 01133 Evidence for [18-Crown-6 Na]2[S2O4] in Methanol and Dissociation to Na2S2O4 and 18-Crown-6 in the Solid State; Accounting for the Scarcity of Simple Oxy Dianion Salts of Alkali Metal Crown Ethers in the Solid State Greer S., Rautiainen J.M., *Passmore J., Bruna P.J.
17:40 01134 Heavy p-Block Analogues of Thiazyl Radicals *$Rawson J., Tran T.
17:40 01135 Synthesis and Reactivity of k3-Phosphaamidines and Phosphinodiimines Mokhtabad Amrei L., $Boeré R.
17:40 01136 Characterization of (NMe4)2O3SOSO2 by Raman Spectroscopy Bruno P., Grein F., *$Passmore J., Richardson S.
17:40 01137 Reactivity of Platinum Complexes Containing a Pt-Cl-B Interaction with Borabenzene Legare M.-A., *$Fontaine F.-G.
17:40 01138 Synthesis of Unique Chalcogen - Phosphorus Compounds using Ch(II) Synthons Dube J.W., *Dutton J.L., $Ragogna P.J.
17:40 01139 Organophosphole Based Molecular Machines: Stimuli-Responsive Conformational and Photophysical Studies Ren Y., *$Baumgartner T.
17:40 01140 Spin Catalytic Transformation of Organic Molecules by Nitric Oxide Rosadiuk K., *Bohle D.S.
17:40 01141 The Search for Novel Boron-Based Lewis Acids for Use in Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry Neu R.C., $Stephan D.W.
17:40 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Patrick Hildgen

13:40 Joint with BM and MT - see BM5.

18:00 End of Session


Block Copolymer Self-assembly: Symposium in Honour of Adi Eisenberg (joint with MT1)

Organizer(s) - G. Liu
Chair(s) - Andrew Croll

13:40 01333 Functional Aqueous Assemblies from ABC Triblock Terpolymers *$Hillmyer M.A.
14:20 01334 Block Copolymer Self-Assemblies Studied by Transmission Electron Tomography Jinnai H.
15:00 01335 Miktoarm Star Copolymers from Reactive Associating Block Copolymers Dou H., *$Liu G., Hong L., Hu H.
15:20 01336 Block Copolymer Vesicles having Heterogeneous Wall: Synthesis, Characterization and Potential Application Azzam T., *Eisenberg A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01337 Complex, Functional Soft Materials via the Self-Assembly of Metal-Containing Block Copolymers Manners I.
16:40 01338 Evaluation of the Cross-Section of Elongated Micelles by Light Scattering Guerin G., Qi F., Cambridge G., Manners I., $Winnik M.A.
17:00 01339 Cross-Linkable Matrix Materials for Nanoporous Membranes Using Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization Moayeri A., *Maric M.
17:20 01340 Controlling Diblock Copolymer Self-Assembly in Dip-Coated Thin Films of PS-P4VP with Hydrogen-Bonding Small Molecules Roland S., Pellerin C., Prud'homme R.E., Bazuin C.G.
17:40 01341 Patterning Block Copolymer Aggregates via Langmuir-Blodgett Transfer to Microcontact-Printed Substrates Harirchian-Saei S., Wang M.C.P., Gates B.D., *$Moffitt M.G.
18:00 End of Session


Branched and Hyperbranched Macromolecules: Design and Applications

Organizer(s) - A. Kakkar
Chair(s) - Ashok Kakkar

13:40 01342 Well-Defined Complex Macromolecular Architectures by Anionic Polymerization High Vacuum Techniques Hadjichristidis N.
14:20 01343 Hyperbranched Polyethylenes and Functionalized Polymers by Pd-catalyzed Chain Walking Ethylene Polymerization *$Ye Z.
14:40 01344 Stereocontrolled Dipentaerythritol Polymer Stars *Shaver M.P., Cameron D.J.A., Perry M.R.
15:00 01345 Designing Dendrimers and Miktoarm Polymers Based Multivalent Nanocarriers for Efficient and Targeted Drug Delivery *$Kakkar A.K., Sharma A., Khatchadourian A., Neibert K., Soliman G., Sharma R., Maysinger D., Khanna K.
15:20 01346 Improved Synthesis of High-Generation Dendrimers via Metal-Free Click Chemistry Gonzaga F., $Brook M.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01347 Dendritic Catalysts: Increasing the Activity and Recovery of Homogeneous Catalysts Snelders D.J.M., Yazerski V., van Koten G., *Klein Gebbink R.J.M.
16:40 01348 Dendrimers for Therapeutics and Diagnostic Imaging *$Adronov A., Sadowski L., Knight S., Edem P.E., Valliant J.F.
17:20 01349 Synthesis and Applications of New Types of Polyester Dendrimers *$Grindley T.B., Twibanire J.K.
18:00 End of Session


Smart Stimuli-responsive Materials: From Fundamentals to Applications (joint with MT4)

Organizer(s) - Y. Zhao; L. Robitaille; T. Wigglesworth
Chair(s) - Yue Zhao; Soo Young Park

13:40 01350 Novel Strategies for Photochromic and Piezochromic Fluorescence Switching *$Park S.Y., Chung J.W., Yoon S.J., Lim S.J.
14:20 01351 Stimuli-Responsive Hyperbranched Polymers and Their Self-Assemblies *Zhou Y.F., Yan D.Y.
15:00 01352 Bile Acid-based Amphiphilic Star-like Oligo(ethylene glycol)s Strandman S., Le Dévédec F., *$Zhu X.X.
15:20 01353 Functional l-ABC Miktoarm Star Copolymer Self-Assembly in Block-Selective Solvents and Solid State Hu H., *Liu G.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01354 Novel Fluorometric Zn2+ Probes Based on Water-Soluble Responsive Block Copoymers Liu T., *Liu S.Y. WITHDRAWN
16:40 01355 Surface-Grafted Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Block Copolymer Brushes for Controlled Release Kumar S., Tong X., Dory Y.L., Lepage M., *$Zhao Y.
17:00 01356 Lipogels: Synthesis and Characterization Saleem Q., Liu B., Gradinaru C., *$Macdonald P.M.
17:20 01357 Smart Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Self-assembled Thin Films on Stimuli-Responsive Magnetic Nanoparticles *$Ahmad N., Faraz A., Hassan M., Saqib M.
17:40 01358 Can Spin Crossover Materials Be Rationally Designed From Organic Radicals? Lekin K., Oakley R.T.
18:00 End of Session


Applied Nanotechnology (joint with IC8)

Organizer(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler
Chair(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler

13:40 See IC8.

18:00 End of Session


Batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Dominic Rochefort

13:40 Joint with EG and MT - see EG1.

16:40 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications (joint with BM5)

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Patrick Hildgen

13:40 See BM5.

18:00 End of Session


Block Copolymer Self-assembly: Symposium in Honour of Adi Eisenberg (joint with MS1)

Organizer(s) - G. Liu
Chair(s) - Andrew Croll

13:40 See MS1

17:40 End of Session


Green Materials: Formulation, Fabrication and Processing (joint with IC5)

Organizer(s) - J. Denault; A. Mohanty; M. Misra
Chair(s) - J. Denault; M. Misra

13:40 See IC5.

18:00 End of Session


Materials and Sensors for In Situ Imaging and Biomedical Applications

Organizer(s) - J. Capobianco; F. Vetrone
Chair(s) - Fiorenzo Vetrone

13:40 01555 Brain Cells Response to Nanoparticles Maysinger D.
14:20 01556 Fabrication and Surface Modification of Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Rapid Microbial Capture *$Zhang J., Chen L.Y., Mumin A.
15:00 01557 Upconverting Lanthanide-Doped Nanoparticles as Multi-Functional Bioprobes *Martin Rodriguez E., Naccache R., Capobianco J.A., Vetrone F.
15:20 01558 Turn the Light On - Modulating the Luminescence of Upconverting Nanoparticles using Dithienylethene Photoswitches for Biolabeling Applications Boyer J.-C., Carling C.-J., *$Branda N.R.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01559 Cellular and In Vivo Imaging with Single-Domain Antibody Functionalized Photoluminescent Quantum Dots *Yu K.
16:40 01560 Highly Water "Soluble" Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications Yathindranath V., Worden M., Sun Z., *$Hegmann T., van Lierop J., Miller D. W., Moore D. F.
17:00 01561 Preparation of a Water Soluble Maleimide-terminated Template Gold Nanoparticles for Biological Applications Zhu J., $Schirrmacher R., Lennox R.B.
17:20 01562 Polyvinylpyrrolidone Coated Gadolinium-Doped Ultra-Small Nanoparticles as T1 Relaxivity Enhancement Bio-Probes Johnson N.J.J., *$van Veggel F.C.J.
17:40 End of Session


Self-assembly at Surfaces and Interfaces (joint with SS3)

Organizer(s) - H. Eichhorn; D. Perepichka
Chair(s) - Perepichka

13:40 01563 Surface-Patterning on the Molecular Scale Polanyi J.C.
14:20 01564 Controlling Molecular Organization in 2D Wuest J.D.
15:00 01565 Comparing the 3D and 2D Crystallization of Substituted Phenanthrenes and Related Arenes Helzy F., Maris T., Wuest J.D.
15:20 01566 Mono- Bi- and Trilayer Self-assembly of 4,6-Di(octadecylamino)-zwitterionic m-Quinone at the Liquid-Solid Interface Nguyen P., Fang Y., Aviles M.P., Kebede E., Ivasenko O., Ziener U., Siri O., *Cuccia L.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01567 Charge Transfer and Localization in Single Molecules at Interfaces *Borguet E.
16:40 01568 Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticle Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface: How Solvent and Temperature Affect Film Properties *$Meli M.V., McLaughlin D.M., Comeau K.D., Bolivar J.P.
17:00 01569 New Insights into the Self-Assembly of PS-PVP Supramolecular Complexes at the Air/Water Interface Perepichka I.I., Bazuin C.G., Badia A.
17:20 01570 Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Disks as Templates for Solution-Stable Nanoparticle Rings Zahr O.K., *Chan K.Y.M., $Blum A.S.
17:40 01571 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Thiolate-Protected Silver Nanoprisms Cathcart N., Kitaev V.
18:00 End of Session


Smart Stimuli-responsive Materials: From Fundamentals to Applications (joint with MS2)

Organizer(s) - Y. Zhao; L. Robitaille; T. Wigglesworth
Chair(s) - Yue Zhao; Soo Young Park

13:40 See MS2.

18:00 End of Session


Green Chemistry and Catalysis in Honour of Tak-Hang (Bill) Chan

Organizer(s) - C.J. Li; A.B. Charette
Chair(s) - A. Moores; T. Ollevier

13:40 01705 Expanding the Synthetic Utility of an Isopeptide Bond-forming Biocatalyst Gundersen M., Gnaccarini C., Ben Tahar W., Chica R.A., Gillet S.M.F., Lubell W.D., Keillor J.W., *$Pelletier J.N.
14:20 01706 R+N+A + i = RNAi? There is More to it Than That. New Advances in the Development of Oligonucleotide Based Therapeutics *$Damha M.J.
15:00 01707 Harnessing the Power of P450 Catalyzed Hydroxylations at Inactivated C-H Bonds Larsen A.T., $Auclair K., May E.
15:20 01708 Carboiodination of Alkenes Newman S.G., $Lautens M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01709 N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Ring Expansion of Azacycloalkane-2-carboxaldehydes for the Synthesis of Lactams Thai K., Wang L., Dudding T., Bilodeau F., *$Gravel M.
16:20 01710 Thiourea-Catalyzed Enantioselective Nucleophilic Addition to Thionium Ions *Stuart D.R., $Jacobsen E.N.
16:40 01711 Applications of New Boron Lewis Acid Catalysts to C-C and C-O Bond Formation *$McCubbin J.A., Voth S., Hiebert R., Nassar C., Hosseini H.
17:00 01712 Cu-Catalyzed Coupling of 2-Iodo Aryl Benzamides and Sulfonamides with 2-Bromophenols Kitching M.O., Hurst T.E., Korolev D., *$Snieckus V.A.
17:20 01713 Transition-Metal-catalyzed Amidation, Arylation and Acylation of Aryl C-H Bonds Through a Cross-dehydrogenative Coupling (CDC) Process Shuai Q., Li C.-J., *Deng G.
17:40 01714 Iron-catalyzed Cross-coupling and Epoxidation of Olefins *$Kozak C.M.
18:00 End of Session


Keith Fagnou Memorial Symposium

Organizer(s) - L. Barriault; A. Beauchemin
Chair(s) - Andre Beauchemin

13:40 01715 Potent Inhibitors of Ice Recrystallization - Applications and New Directions *$Ben R.N., Capicciotti C.J., Leclere M., Davis K.
14:20 01716 Carbocycles from Cyclopropanes: New Directions in Cyclopropane Chemistry Kerr M.A.
15:00 01717 New Catalytic Reactions for Synthesis and Functionalization of Complex Molecules Montgomery J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01718 Direct C-H Functionalization of Organic Compounds: From Palladium-, to Copper-, to Iron-, to Metal-free Coupling Reactions *$Charette A.B.
16:40 01719 Harvest in the Domino and Gold-catalyzed Transformation Gardens: Chemical Stories from the Third Floor of D'Iorio Hall at UOttawa and Beyond *$Barriault L.
17:20 End of Session


Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology (joint with BM8)

Organizer(s) - M.J. Damha; C.J. Wilds
Chair(s) - Chris Wilds

13:40 See BM8.

17:40 End of Session


Peptide Science (joint with BM2)

Organizer(s) - W. Lubell; F. Polyak
Chair(s) - David Sabatino

14:00 See BM2.

18:00 End of Session


Modern Physical Organic Chemistry (joint with PT12)

Organizer(s) - D. Pratt
Chair(s) - Keith Ingold

13:40 01720 Investigation of Palladacycle-Catalyzed Methanolysis for Cleavage of Phosphorothioates and Thioamides Liu C.T., Neverov A.A., Maxwell C.I., Edwards D.R., Mosey N.J., *$Brown R.S.
14:20 01721 Mechanistic Studies on Glycosylation: Natural Abundance Kinetic Isotope Effects and Quantum Chemical Calculations Garrett G.E., *$Pratt D.A., Crich*$ D., Bohé L., Huang M.
14:40 01722 Kinetics of Alkyne-Nitrone Cycloadditions with Cyclic Nitrones for Bioconjugation Blake J.A., McKay C.S., Chigrinova M., Pezacki J.P.
15:00 01723 Challenges and Catalysis in Decarboxylations and Related Proton Transters *$Kluger R., Vandersteen A., Mundle S., Howe G.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01724 Using Organic Chemistry to Make Nanoparticles and Nanoparticles to Direct Organic Chemistry Scaiano J.C.
16:40 01725 The Effects of Steric Interactions on the Chalcogen Abstraction Reactions by Transient Silylenes. Advances Towards Experimental Proof of Biradical Mechanism for Oxygen Abstraction Reactions Kostina S.S., *Leigh W.J.
17:00 01726 The Dependence of Reactivity Ratios for Radical Copolymerization on Structure *$Charton M.
17:20 01727 Acid-Base Catalysis in the Reactivity of Antioxidants with Peroxyl Radicals: a Kinetic and Mechanistic Discussion *$Valgimigli L.
18:00 End of Session


Natural Product Chemistry (joint with BM13)

Organizer(s) - C. Spino

Bernard Belleau Award Lecture

17:20 01728 From Fundamental Studies in Organic Synthesis to Drug Discoveries Deslongchamps P.
18:00 End of Session


Organic Ultrathin Films and Biomimetic Interfaces (joint with SS2)

Organizer(s) - C. DeWolf; A. Badia

13:40 See SS2.

18:00 End of Session


Solid State NMR: From Materials to Biomolecules

Organizer(s) - I. Marcotte; M. Lafleur
Chair(s) - Frances Separovic

13:40 02047 Solid-State NMR Studies of Structure/Property Relations in Optical and Structural Glasses *$Zwanziger J.W., Werner-Zwanziger U., Martin V., Chenu S., Calahoo C.
14:00 02048 Dipolar Recoupling Involving Quadrupolar Nuclei in Magic-Angle-Spinning NMR *$Brinkmann A., Edén M.
14:20 02049 Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of Cisplatin and Related Systems Lucier B.E.G., Reidel A.R., *$Schurko R.W.
14:40 02050 2H Solid-State NMR: An Essential Tool for the Development of Novel Non Phospholipid Nanovectors Lafleur M.
15:00 02051 Solid-State NMR on Biomolecular Complexes: Methods and Applications *$Baldus M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 02052 Structure and Membrane Interactions of Cod Antimicrobial Peptides in Model Membranes and Intact Bacteria by Solution and Solid State NMR *$Booth V., Browne M., Morrow M.R., Rise M.L., Pius J.
16:20 02053 Natural Abundance 43Ca Solid State NMR in Minerals and Materials of Biological Origin *$Moudrakovski I.L., Ratcliffe C.I., Ripmeester J.A.
16:40 02054 Uracil-decorated Silicon Carbide Nanotubes: A Computational NMR Approach *$Mirzaei M., Hadipour N.
17:00 02055 Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins by Solid State NMR Ladizhansky V., Shi L., Ward M., Wang S., Kawamura I., Jung K.-H., Brown L.S., Lake E.
17:40 End of Session


Understanding Molecular Properties and Interactions: A Symposium in Honour of Ajit Thakkar's 60th Birthday

Organizer(s) - N. Cann; R. Doerksen
Chair(s) - M. Klobukowski; R.J. Boyd

13:40 02056 Ground State Properties of Water Molecule by Quantum Monte Carlo Oblinsky D.G., Ospadov E., Rothstein S.M.
14:20 02057 Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Superfluidity in Mixed Helium-Hydrogen Quantum Solutions Doped with a Chromophore Molecule *$Li H., Le Roy R.J., Roy P.-N.
14:40 02058 Global Minima of Water Clusters for Five Model Potentials Kazachenko S., *Thakkar A.J.
15:00 02059 The Comparison of Local Density Functional and Multi-reference Configuration interaction Techniques in the Calculation of the Magnetic Properties of Spintronic Building Blocks *$Mattar S.M.
15:20 02060 Molecular Modelling of Proteins into Nanotubes- A Theoretical Approach *$Whitehead M.A, van de Ven T.G.M., Conley K.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 02061 QMM: a Quantum Molecular Mechanics Method and the Semiempirical Modeling of Molecules and Lanthanide Complexes *$Simas A.M.
16:40 02409 The Bond-Directional and Other Principles in Quantum Chemistry Tanner A.
17:00 02063 Effective Potential Approach to the Simulation of Large para-Hydrogen Clusters and Droplets Yang J.
17:20 02064 Striving to Quantify the Noncovalent Interactions Between DNA and Protein Building Blocks *Wetmore S.D., Rutledge L.R.
18:00 End of Session


Modern Physical Organic Chemistry (joint with OR8)

Organizer(s) - D. Pratt
Chair(s) - Keith Ingold

13:40 See OR8.

18:00 End of Session


Poster Session

17:40 02062 Rare-Gas Clusters: Sensitivity of the Structures of the Global Minima to the Choice of Potential Function and Deviations from Expectations Based on the Law of Corresponding States Bulusu S., Weagle J., *$Thakkar A.J.
17:40 02065 Coherent Quantum Control in a System of Overlapping Resonances: Simultaneous Excitation and Decay to the Continuum Grinev T., *Shapiro M., $Brumer P.
17:40 02066 Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies of Organic Electronic Materials Szmytkowski J., Steer R.P., Paige M.F.
17:40 02067 Influence of Halides on the Fluorescence Quenching in ZnTPPS4- Aqueous Solution Szmytkowski J., Brunet S.M.K., Tripathy U., O'Brien J.A., Paige M.F., Steer R.P.
17:40 02068 An Ab Initio and Molecular Dynamics Study of C8-phenoxyl-2'-deoxyguanosine DNA Damage *Wetmore S.D., Millen A.L., Manderville R.A.
17:40 02069 An ONIOM(QM:QM) Investigation of the Hydrolysis of 2-Deoxyuridine by hUNG2 *Wetmore S.D., Przybylski J.L.
17:40 02070 The Structure and Formation of DNA Intrastrand Cross-links from 5-bromouracil *Wetmore S.D., Churchill C.D.M., Eriksson L.A.
17:40 02071 Theoretical Study of the Solvation Structure and Gelation Ability of Polyelectrolytes Lyubimova O., Liu X., Gusarov S., Kobryn A.E., *$Kovalenko A.
17:40 02072 Studying Dynamics and Gelation Ability of Polyelectrolytes with Dissipative Particle Dynamics Liu X., Lyubimova O., Kobryn A.E., Gusarov S., Kovalenko A.
17:40 02073 Raman Spectra and Formation Constants for Aqueous Copper (II) and Copper (I) Chloro-Complexes from 5¸ to 150¸C Applegarth L.M.S.G.A., *$Tremaine P., Pye C.
17:40 02074 The Iceberg Model of Hydration and Its Breakdown: Interplay of Structure and Dynamics in Hydrophobic Hydration Titantah J.T.

PT General - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02075 Mechanochemistry of Bimolecular Reactions: Nitrone Additions to Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds Carver B.S., $Mosey N.J.
17:40 02076 Computational Study of the Deamination of 8-Oxoguanine Uddin K.M., *$Poirier R.A.
17:40 02077 Ab Initio Hydration Study of Low pH Vanadium (V) Species Zhang Y., $Pye C.C.
17:40 02078 Theoretical Study of the Optical Properties of a 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine Multinuclear Family *Schott E., Zarate X., Arratia-Pérez R.
17:40 02079 Exploration of Electronic Structure Based Descriptors for 3D QSAR Models of Asymmetric Catalysis Trefiak N.R., *$Woo T.K.
17:40 02080 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fluid Displacement in Porous Media Using T2 Mapping SE-SPI Muir C.E., Ersland G., Petrov O.V., Graue A., *$Balcom B.J.
17:40 02081 Modeling Mechanochemical Processes using Molecular Dynamics Kochhar G.S., *Mosey N.J.
17:40 02082 UV-Vis Spectra Simulation of a Family of Co(II)-phthalocyanines: Effect of the Pyrazine as Axial Ligand *Zarate X., Schott E., Arratia-Pérez R.
17:40 02083 A Conformational Study of Hydroxyproline Glycopeptides Naziga E.B., Wetmore S.D., Schweizer F.
17:40 02084 Study of Two-Photon Resonant Four-Wave Sum Mixing in Xenon in the Spectral Region of 105-110 nm $Al-Basheer W., Hedén M., Cai Z.J., *Shi Y.J.

Understanding Molecular Properties and Interactions: A Symposium in Honour of Ajit Thakkar posters

17:40 02085 Computational Investigation of the Complexes of 18-Crown-6-Ether (N-donors) with Middle-to-Late Transition Metal Cations *$Varadwaj P.R., Varadwaj A., Peslherbe G.H.
17:40 02086 A Computational Study of the Conformers of 2,4-Pentadienal *$Keefe C.D., Gillis M.
17:40 02087 Computational Studies of Methanol Complexes - an Attempt to Simulate Liquid Spectra *$Keefe C.D., Gillis J.
17:40 02088 Model Core Potential Studies of Molecules Containing Heavy Rare Gas Atoms Fitzsimmons A., Mori H., Miyoshi E., *$Klobukowski M.
17:40 02089 Modeling the Interactions Between Peptide Functions and Sr2+: Formamide-Sr2+ Reactions in the Gas Phase Eizaguirre A., *Mó O., Yáńez M., Salpin J.-Y.
17:40 02090 A Density Functional (DFT) Approach to Study the Electronic Structure and Molecular Properties of Bioflavonoids Kumar A., *$Tripathi A.N., Barthwal R.

Understanding Molecular Properties and Interactions: A Symposium in Honour of Ajit Thakkar - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02091 Simple Models for Predicting Electron Correlation *$Poirier R.A., Istvankova Z., Grandy V., Hollett J.W.
17:40 02092 Additivity of Compton Profile Peaks and Momentum Moments Blair S.A., *Thakkar A.J.

Electronic Structure Theory: Addressing Existing Challenges and Adding New Ones posters

17:40 02093 An Alternative Approach for Computing Steric Energy Chakraborty D., $Ayers P.W.
17:40 02094 Exchange-Correlation Functionals Yielding Potentials With Correct Long-Range Coulombic Behaviour Antaya H., *Ernzerhof M.

Electronic Structure Theory: Addressing Existing Challenges and Adding New Ones - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02095 Simulating the Vibronic Fine Structure in the Absorption Spectra of Tetraoxo d0 Metal Complexes - A TDDFT Study Jose L.M., Seth M., *Ziegler T.
17:40 02096 Electronic Structure and Correlation Effects in Two-Electron Systems Proud A.J., Pearson J.K.
17:40 02097 Supra-Supra, Supra-Antara, and Stepwise-Diradical Pathways for an Observed 16-Electron Double-[4+4] Cycloaddition Within Metal-Templated Dialkyne Dimers (PtX2)2(µ-R2PCCCCPR2)2 Chacko A., Sterenberg B.T., *$East A.L.L.
17:40 02098 Investigation of Ionic Cluster Hydration with the Newly Parameterized Self-Consistent Charge Density-Functional Tight Binding Model Jahangiri S., Dolgonos G., Frauenheim T., *$Peslherbe G.H.
17:40 02099 Breaking the Curse of Dimension for the Electronic Schrödinger Equation Heidar Zadeh F., *$Ayers P.W.

Advances in Vibrational Spectroscopy and Imaging for Biological Systems posters

17:40 02100 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy of Metabolically Labelled Lipid Droplets Blake J.A., Lyn R.K., Ridsdale A., Pegoraro A.F., Stolow A., Pezacki J.P.
17:40 02101 Designing Molecular Probes for Imaging Targeted Disease Areas Lam T., Ng V.W., Rouleau L., Lesage F., Tardif J.-C., Rheaume É., *$Kakkar A.K.
17:40 02102 Multimodal Imaging of DNA Probe Binding to Metaphase Chromosomes Chisholm R.A., *Johnston L.J., Tadayyon S.M., Norton P.R., Khan W., Knoll J.K.M., Rogan P.K.

Advances in Vibrational Spectroscopy and Imaging for Biological Systems - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02103 Scaffolded Vesicles: A Potential Nutraceutical Delivery System *Seenath R., Grossutti M., $Lipkowski J.
17:40 02104 An Unexpected Couple: Understanding FPs Dimerization Caused by Singlet Oxygen Valencia-Perez A.Z., Pearson D., $Heyne B.J.
17:40 02105 Cell Studies Using SERS/Fluoropolymer Arrays Fayyaz S., *$Lagugné-Labarthet F.
17:40 02106 Interactions of Antimicrobial Peptide Latarcin with Supported Lipid Bilayers Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy Won A., *$Ianoul A.
17:40 02107 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of Single Human Bladder Cancer Cells Sun Y., *Ding Z.F.
17:40 02108 Imaging Free-radical Mediated Oxidation of Tocopherol-like Antioxidants in Model Lipid Membranes: Ensemble and Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies Godin R., Liu H.-W., Krumova K., *$Cosa G.
17:40 02109 Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Amniotic Fluid to Assess Pre-term Delivery Sanchez Galan J., Power K.M., Koski K.G., *$Burns D.H., Luskey G.B.
17:40 02110 A Photoconvertible Fluorescent Protein With Multiple Applications Hoi H., McEvoy A.L., Bates M., Davidson M. W., Liphardt J., *Campbell R.E.
17:40 02111 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Peptide Based Nanotransducers Racine-Berthiaume C., Barattin R., *$Voyer N.

Solid-State NMR: From Materials to Biomaterials posters

17:40 02112 A Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Study of Magnus' Green Salt, [Pt(NH3)4][PtCl4].. Roslan M.D., *Lucier B.E.G., $Schurko R.W.
17:40 02113 Multinuclear Solid State NMR Studies of Zirconocene/MAO Polymerization Catalysts Hildebrand M., Rossini A.J., Johnson S.A., *$Schurko R. W.
17:40 02114 Effect of Electrostatic Interactions on the Membrane Interactions of Amphiphilic Peptides with Antimicrobial Potential Fillion M., Valois-Paillard G., Lorin A., Noël M., Provencher M.-E., Voyer N., *$Auger M.
17:40 02115 The Selectivity Filter of the hERG Channel - NMR Study of its Structure and Interaction with Model Membranes and Drugs Involved in the Long QT Syndrome Gravel A., Arnold A.A., *Marcotte I.
17:40 02116 Solid-State NMR Study of Silica Fiberglass Modified with Zirconium Oxide *Terskikh V.V., Lapina O.B., Khabibulin D.F.
17:40 02117 Impact of Heavy Alkali Oxides in Borophosphate Glasses: Using High Fields and Double Resonance NMR Methods to Probe Short- and Medium-Range Order Michaelis V.K., Kachhadia P., *$Kroeker S.
17:40 02118 Solid-State 31P and 77Se NMR Studies of Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Ni(II) and Co(II) Complexes Bernard G.M., Demko B.A, Levesanos N., Kyritsis P., $Wasylishen R.E.
17:40 02119 Solid-State NMR Investigation of Bicelle Lipid Distribution and Peptide Interactions Sarker M., Rainey J.K.

Solid-State NMR: From Materials to Biomaterials - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02120 Characterization of 79/81Br, 35/37Cl, and 127I Electric Field Gradient and Chemical Shift Tensors in a Series of Phosphonium Halide Ionic Liquids Burgess K.M.N., *$Bryce D.L.
17:40 02121 Solid-State NMR Analysis of Halogen Bonding Involving Thiocyanates and Selenocyanates Viger-Gravel J., *$Bryce D.L.
17:40 02122 A Solid-State 14N NMR Study of the Structure Directing Agent in Different Microporous Materials Sutrisno A., Fu Y., Xu J., Zhang L., *$Huang Y.
17:40 02123 CPP Nanoparticles: ssNMR and DLS Analysis of DNA Nanoparticle Composition Prepared for Cellular Translocation by Cell-Penetrating Peptide TAT Shank R.A., Montina T.A., *Hazendonk P., $Eudes F.
17:40 02124 An Investigation of the Formation of Microporous Materials AlPO4-11 under Ionothermal Conditions Xu J., *$Huang Y.
17:40 02125 14N Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Amino Acids and Pharmaceuticals Veinberg S.L., Mireault C.R., Harris K.J., O'Dell L.A., *Schurko R.W.
17:40 02126 A Study of Silicon Incorporation and Distribution in Microporous Material SAPO-34 Zhang L., *$Huang Y.
17:40 02127 In Vivo 2H NMR Study of the Action of Antibacterial Agents on Escherichia coli Membranes Tardy-Laporte C., Arnold A.A., Tremblay R., *Marcotte I.
17:40 02128 Function and Role of the hERG Pore Helix in the Long QT Syndrome - An NMR Study Beaugrand M., Arnold A.A., *$Marcotte I., Williamson P.T.F.
17:40 02129 43Ca MAS NMR of Natural Minerals Wren J.E.C., *$Kroeker S.
17:40 02130 Solid State NMR Studies of Sulfonate Ionic Salt Composites for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells De Almeida N.E., Lai A., Traer J.W., $Goward G.R.
17:40 02131 Interaction Between a Neuronal Calcium Sensor Protein (NCS), Recoverin, and Membrane Components of Retinal Photoreceptors: A Solid-State NMR Study *Valois-Paillard G., Calvez P., Salesse C., $Auger M.

Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces posters

17:40 02132 Ampltiude and Phase Measurement in Visible-Infrared Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy Covert P.A., Jena K.C., *$Hore D.K.
17:40 02133 Broadband Mid-Infrared Mueller Matrix Ellipsometry Cross L.J., *$Hore D.K.
17:40 02134 Interactions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Model Cell Membranes *$Laredo T.
17:40 02135 The Structure and Bonding of Gold-Thiolate Nanoparticles from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy MacDonald M.A., *$Zhang P.
17:40 02136 Simulating Vibrational Spectra to Understand the Structure of Water at Solid Surfaces Roth H.M., Roy S., *Hore D.K.

Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02137 Development of Polarization Modulation Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (PM IRRAS) to Study Water Soluble Surfactants at Metal Surfaces $Blatt S.E., Roscoe S.G., *Zamlynny V.
17:40 02138 X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of Gold-Platinum Nanoparticles Duchesne P.N., Zhang P.
17:40 02139 Surface Enhancement Effects in Hexagonal Array of Gold Nanotriangle Galarreta B.C., Rupar I., Norton P.R., *$Lagugné-Labarthet F.
17:40 02140 The Dependence of SERS Intensity on Nanorod Aspect Ratio Mirza J., Baron J.Y., Nicol E., *$Lipkowski J.
17:40 02141 Characterization of Photochemical Interactions of Ice Surfaces, using VMI/IRAS Experimental Methods Coupled with Monte Carlo Simulations Crouse J., Guo W., Walker S.W.C., Wickramasingh P., *Loock H.P.
17:40 02142 Temperature Dependent NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy at the Canadian Light Source *Leontowich A.F.G., $Hitchcock A.P.

Computational Biochemistry and Drug Design posters

17:40 02143 Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Simulations of Amphiphilic Peptides at the Air-Water Interface Jochum M., $Peter C.
17:40 02144 The Catalytic Power of Ornithine Cylodeaminase (OCD) Elucidated via Docking, MD, & QM/MM Investigations Ion B.F., *$Gauld J.W.
17:40 02145 Surveying Implicit Solvent Models for Estimating Small Molecule Absolute Hydration Free Energies Knight J.L., *$Brooks C.L.
17:40 02146 Synthesis and SAR analysis of 1,2,5-trisubstituted benzimidazole-based as Peripherally Restricted CB1 Agonists *Liu Z., Yang H., Maxime T., Page D., Wei Z.Y., Leung C., Desfosses H., Popovic N., Qadoumi Z., Luo X., Cheng Y.-X., Srivastava S., Carpenter K., Lessard E., St-Onge S., Payza K., Panetta R., Groblewski T., Brown B., Tomaszewski M., Walpole C.
17:40 02147 Considering Water Molecules and Protein Flexibility in Structure Based Virtual Screening *$Weill N., Therrien E., Moitessier N.
17:40 02148 A Parameterized, Continuum Electrostatic Model for Predicting Protein pKa Values *Burger S.K., $Ayers P.W.

Computational Biochemistry and Drug Design - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02149 Multi-scale Simulation of RNA Elongation by RNA Polymerase II $Salahub D.S., Zhang R.Z.
17:40 02150 Computational Studies on pH-Responsive Molecular Tweezers *Mohammed A., Burger S.K., Ayers P.W.
17:40 02151 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of Sodium Ion Dynamics in G-quadruplex DNA and Related Structures Akhshi P., *Wu G.
17:40 02152 QM/MM Free Energy Perturbation $Lev B., Rowley C., Salahub D., Roux B., *Noskov S.
17:40 02153 Differences and Similarities in the Catalytic Mechanism of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (Msr) A and B Dokainish H.M., *$Gauld J.W.
17:40 02154 Trends in Hydrogen Bonding within the Solvation Shells of Amino Acids: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study Albrecht L., Boyd R.J.
17:40 02155 Computer Aided Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Prolyl Oligopeptidase Inhibitors De Cesco S., Levan D., Lawandi J., Juillerat L., *Moitessier N.
17:40 02156 Development of Inhibitors of Aminoglycoside Resistance Using SAR by NMR with Aminoglycoside Acetyl Transferases Habib E., Auclair K., Mittermaier A.
17:40 02157 Synthesis of New Prolyl Oligopeptidase Bicyclic Inhibitors Rocheleau S., Arreola-Barroso R., *$Moitessier N., Juillerat-Jeanneret L.

Ultrafast Phenomena posters

17:40 02158 Computational Investigation of Proton Transfer Reactions in Aqueous Solution Rivard U., $Iftimie R.

Ultrafast Phenomena - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02159 The Excitonics of the Surface of Semiconductor Nanocrystals Mooney J.D., Saari J.I., Krause M.M., Tyagi P., Dias E.A., *$Kambhampati P.
17:40 02160 Design Principles for Single Exciton Gain in Semiconductor Quantum Dots Saari J., Dias E., Krause M., Walsh B., $Kambhampati P.
17:40 02161 Coherent 2D Photon Echo Spectroscopy of Excitons in a Molecular Dimer Halpin H.A., Johnson P.J.M., Prokhorenko V.I., Murphy R.S., *$Miller R.J.D.
17:40 02162 Structural Dynamics of Materials at Atomic Length and Time Scales -- Applying Radio-frequency Compression to Ultrafast Electron Diffraction at kV Energies Chatlelain R.P., Godbout C., *Morrison V.R., $Siwick B.J.
17:40 02163 Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of the Primary Event in Vision *Johnson P.J.M., Halpin A., Prokhorenko V.I., $Miller R.J.D.

Solution NMR: Biomolecular Structure, Dynamics, and Function

17:40 02164 Québec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility. Le Centre de RMN ŕ Haut Champ du Québec et de l'Est du Canada. Sprules T., Gehring K.
17:40 02165 Binding of a Fyn SH3 Domain with Proline Rich Peptides is Mediated by Electrostatics Interactions Meneses E., *Mittermaier A.

Solution NMR: Biomolecular Structure, Dynamics, and Function - Graduate Student Poster Competition

17:40 02166 Preparation of PBX homeodomain for PRE & NMR Spectroscopy Harris J., $Mittermaier T.
17:40 02167 Recombinant Aciniform Spidroin Spider Silk Monomer and Fiber Characterization by NMR and AFM *Tremblay M.-L., Xu L., Liu P.X.Q., $Rainey J.K.
17:40 02168 Developing Methods for Hybrid NMR Spectroscopy and Homology Model Based Structures of Membrane Proteins Banks A.W., Langelaan D.N., Rainey J.K.
17:40 02169 Comparing the Dynamics of Free and Inhibitor-bound DHFR Using NMR Relaxation Methods Boodram S.N., Batruch I., Donaldson L., *$Johnson P.E.
17:40 02170 Annealing Effect of Temperature on Lamellar Perforations in Bicellar Model Membranes Morales H., Nieh M.P., Raghunathan V.A., Pabst G., Harroun T., Nagashima K., Katsaras J., *$Macdonald P.M.
17:40 02171 Structural and Functional Characterization of the N-Terminal Tail and First Transmembrane Segment of the Apelin Receptor Langelaan D.N., Dellaire G., Dupré D.J., *$Rainey J.K.
17:40 02172 Mutational and Dynamical Investigation of Human Pancreatic Ribonuclease Gagné D., $Doucet N.
17:40 02173 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Studies of NADH Oxidase (NOX), a 46kDa Enzyme Miletti T., *$Mittermaier A.
17:40 02174 A Multifaceted Approach to Probing Protein Allostery in AAC (6')-Ii Zhu S., Freiburger L.A., Auclair K., Mittermaier A.K.
17:40 End of Session


Organic Ultrathin Films and Biomimetic Interfaces (joint with PT10)

Organizer(s) - C. DeWolf; A. Badia
Chair(s) - Shan Zou; Christine DeWolf

13:40 02377 Multimodal Imaging: Enzyme-Induced Reorganization of Supported Lipid Membranes Johnston L.J.
14:20 02378 Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of Solid-to-Liquid Phase Transitions in Solid-Supported Phospholipid Bilayers *$Badia A., Ramkarran M., Goren M.
15:00 02379 Role of Surface Charge on the Interaction of a Novel Antimicrobial Peptide GL-13-NH2 with Model Membranes *Balhara V., $DeWolf C., Schmidt R., Gorr S.-U.
15:20 02380 Structural Changes of Phase Separated Lipid Membranes Induced by b-Amyloid (1-42) Peptide Chisholm R.A., *Johnston L.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 02381 AFM Studies of a Floating-Bilayer Lipid Membrane on a Au(111) Surface Modified with a Hydrophilic Monolayer $Kycia A., Wang J., Merrill R.A., Lipkowski J.
16:40 02382 Nanomechanical Properties of Supported Lipid Bilayers *$Zou S.
17:20 02383 The Bilayer Mechanics of Voltage-Gated Channel Dysfunction Ngo A.T., Morris C.E., Joós B., $Johnston L.J.
17:40 02384 Flexoelectric-Viscoelastic Ring Model for Outer Hair Cell Electromotility $Abou Dakka M., *Rey A.D.
18:00 End of Session


Self-assembly at Surfaces and Interfaces (joint with MT11)

Organizer(s) - H. Eichhorn; D. Perepichka
Chair(s) - Perepichka

13:40 See MT11.

18:00 End of Session

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