94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Monday AM


Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - J. Harynuk; W. Mullett
Chair(s) - Wayne Mullett; Christina Booker

08:00 00005 Practical Aspects of High Performance Column Selection in Liquid Chromatography: Superficially Porous or Sub-two Micron (STM) Particles? *Majors R.E.
08:40 00006 Functionalizing Porous Polymer Monoliths with Carbon Nanostructures for Efficient HPLC Separations Chambers S.D., *Frechet J.M.J., $Svec F.
09:00 00007 Lipid Analysis of the Gypsy Moth: A Look into Chemical Communication Nardella J.N., *$Plettner E.P.
09:20 00008 Development of LC-ESI/MS Method for Identification and Quantification of Urea Thermal Decomposition By-products in Emission from Diesel Engine Employing Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology Yassine M.M., *Dabek-Zlotorzynska E. WITHDRAWN
09:40 00009 Development of New HPLC Stationary Phases *Lucy C.A., Oro N.E., Nedev G., Ibrahim M.E.A., Wahab M.F., Sun W.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00010 Testing for Extractables and Leachables from Single-use Disposable Pharmaceutical Assemblies by ACQUITY UPLC® *$Rocheleau M.J., Larouche E., Salamu C., Curca M.
10:40 00011 Exploiting the Favorable Properties of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography to Support Drug Discovery *$Papp R.
11:00 00012 Development of a CE-based Protein Fractionation Strategy with Off-line Peptide Mapping to Simplify the Problem of Sample Complexity *Waldron K.C., Santiagos D., Ghafourifar G.
11:20 00013 Probing the Interactions Between Lantibiotics and Heparin, Lactoglobulin, Sphingomyelin by Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis *$Donkor K.K., Risley J.M., Darlington A.M., Lu E.I.
11:40 00014 Multidimensional Capillary Electrophoresis Separations Skinner C.D., Chin J.D.
12:00 End of Session


Altered Proteins, Design and Engineering

Organizer(s) - J. Pelletier; R. Chica
Chair(s) - Nicolas Doucet

Joint with PT7 - Computational Biochemistry and Drug Design

08:00 00199 A Rigorous and Straightforward Boundary Potential for QM/MM Simulations of Ion Solvation Rowley C.N., *$Roux B.
08:20 00200 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid Analogues as Amyloid-Beta Antiaggregants: The Development of a Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship $Simms G.A., Meek A., *Weaver D.F.
08:40 00201 Compared Distributions of Amino Acid Hetero- and Homo-multiplets in Single Protein Chains: Dependence on Residue Polarity, Frequency, and Placement in Secondary Structural Elements Gong C., *$Arteca G.A.
09:00 00202 Computer Modeling of Zinc-binding Motifs in Proteins *$Lamoureux G., Wang S.
09:20 00203 The Selective Tuning of Fc-FccR Interactions for Modulating ADCC: A Structure Guided Approach to Antibody Optimization D'Angelo I., Bleile D., Tom-Yew S.A.L., Lario P.I., Ohrn A., Poon D.K.Y., *$Dixit S.B.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00204 Recent Advances in Computational Protein Design with an Emphasis on Catalytic Systems Mayo S.L.
11:00 00205 In Silico Screening of Computational Enzyme Designs Sosa Padilla Araujo B., Miller III T.F., *$Mayo S.L.
11:20 02414 The Role of Evolutionary-conserved Ligand-interacting Binding Site Residues Najmanovich R.
12:00 00207 Library Design and Multistate Design: Powerful Computational Strategies for Protein Engineering *$Chica R.A.
12:20 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications (joint with MT3)

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Francoise Winnik

08:00 00208 Non Phospholipid Liposomes with High Sterol Content: Development and Characterization *Cui Z.-K., $Lafleur M.
08:20 00209 High-throughput Microfluidic Generation of Cell-Laden Agarose Microgels *Tumarkin E., Tzadu L., Zandstra P., $Kumacheva E.
08:40 00210 Use of Model Systems for Targeted Nanoparticle Studies Viitala T., Liang H., Yliperttula M.
09:20 00211 Self-immolative Polymers: A New Class of Biodegradable Materials DeWit M.A., Beaton A., *$Gillies E.R.
09:40 00212 Spectral Overview of Some New Antimicrobial Polyureas and its Metal Polychelates: Their Synthesis and Adsorption Properties *Hasnain S., Nishat N.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00213 Micropipette Aspiration of Alginate based Poly-electrolyte Capsules Kleinberger R.M., Burke N.A.D., *$Stover H.D.H
10:40 00214 Study of Crosslinking Chemistry and Polymer Distribution in Covalently Crosslinked Polymer- Alginate Capsules Mohajeri S., Burke N.A.D., *Stover H.D.H.
11:00 00215 Macromolecular Design in Constructing Smart Nanocarriers for Biomedical Applications *$Kakkar A.K.
11:40 00216 188Re-radiolabelled Monosized Biodegradable Microspheres for the Treatment of Liver Cancer *Saatchi K., Elischer P., Bokharaei M., Celler A., Liu D., $Hafeli U.O.
12:00 00217 Polymeric Reagents for CyTOF Cell Analyzer Instrument *Lou X., Ornatsky O., Baranov V., Winnik M.A. WITHDRAWN
12:20 End of Session


Metabolic Disorders

Organizer(s) - C. Black
Chair(s) - Cameron Black

08:40 00218 The Discovery of Melanin-Concentrating Hormone Receptor-1 (MCH1) Antagonists for the Treatment of Obesity Surman M.
09:20 00219 Liver-Targeted Stearoyl Coenzyme-A Desaturase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Diabetes *Ramtohul Y., Bateman K., Black C., Chan C., Dohlman S., Gordon R., Guay J., Huang Z., Hughes G., Isabel E., Kennedy B., Lachance N., Landry F., Leblanc Y., Leclerc J.-P., Leger S., Li C.S., Mancini J., Oballa R., Powell D., Skorey K.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00220 Function of Enzyme Lactate Dehydrogenas in Relation with Lipid and Glucose in Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in the Seedlings of Vigna radiata *$Azmat R.
10:40 00221 Small Molecule Inhibitors of 11-bHSD1 Containing Acidic Functionality: The Discovery of AZD6925 Scott J.S.
11:20 00222 The Discovery and Characterization of Orally Bioavailable Inhibitors of PTP-1B Black W.C.
12:00 00223 How Would pi-stacking Affect the Formation of Salt Bridge? Binding study and Molecular Dynamic Simulation of pi-stacked Arginene Motif Wang X., *Hore D., $Hof F.
12:20 End of Session


Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology (joint with OR11)

Organizer(s) - M.J. Damha; C.J. Wilds
Chair(s) - Masad Damha

08:00 00224 Structural Impact of C8-Aryl-Gaunine Adducts on Duplex DNA *$Manderville R.A.
08:20 00225 Interaction of O6-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferases with O4-Alkylthymine Adducts and Interstrand Cross-Linked DNA McManus F.P., O'Flaherty D.K., Noronha A.M., *$Wilds C.J.
08:40 00226 Platinum(II) Phenanthroimidazoles for G-quadruplex Targeting: The Effect of Structure on Binding Affinity, Selectivity and Telomerase Inhibition Castor K.J., Kieltyka R., Englebienne P., Weill N., Fakhoury J., Mancini J., Avakyan N., Mittermaier A., Autexier C., Moitessier N., $Sleiman H.F.
09:00 00227 Ferrocene-ATP Bioconjugates: Chemical Biology and Biosensing Toolkit *Martic S., Freeman D., Labib M., $Kraatz H.B.
09:20 00228 Effects of Helix Distortion on DNA Interstrand Cross-link Repair In Mammalian Cells Smeaton M.B., Bell E.H., Miller P.S.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00229 Using Tetraplex DNA as a Structural Template *$Linkletter B.A.
10:40 00230 Towards Oligonucleotides Containing DNA-Inspired Janus AT Heterocycles Hasan S.A., *$Perrin D.M.
11:00 00231 An Indole-Linked C8-Deoxyguanosine Nucleoside Acts as a Fluorescent Reporter of Watson-Crick Versus Hoogsteen Base Pairing Schlitt K.M., *$Manderville R.A., Millen A.L., Wetmore S.D.
11:20 00232 Mechanistic Studies at the Single Molecule Level Reveal the Dynamics of HCV Polymerase Protein in Complex with RNA Karam P., Mah W., Powdrill M., Vasquez C., Aboukhalil R., Gotte M., $Cosa G.
11:40 00233 The Effect of Synthetic Vertices and DNA-Vertex Connectivity on the Stability of Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures Greschner A., $Sleiman H.
12:00 End of Session


Peptide Science (joint with OR6)

Organizer(s) - W. Lubell; F. Polyak
Chair(s) - William Lubell

08:00 00234 Molecular Probes for Imaging and Isolation-Identification of Newly Synthesized Proteins in Cells Szychowski J., Mahdavi A., Beatty K.E., $Tirrell D.A.
08:20 00235 Bis-Azobenzenes for Photo-Controlling Structures and Functions of Peptides and Proteins Samanta S., $Woolley A.
08:40 00236 Rational and Nonrational Design of Transcription Factors Shin J.A.
09:00 00237 Structural Optimization and Biological Evaluation of Radiolabelled Peptides as Diagnostic Tools for PET Imaging *$Guérin B.
09:40 00238 Peptidic Fluorescent Probes of Transglutaminase 2 Mulani A., Chabot N., Moreau S., Moreau P., Keillor J.W.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00239 Conformation-induced Binding of Extracellular Loops of the Apelin Receptor with the Apelin Ligand in Lipid Environments Ngweniform P., *$Rainey J.K.
10:40 00240 Engineering Proteolytically Stable Breast Cancer Targeting Peptides *$Kaur K.
11:20 00241 Methylated Lysines as Unique Sites for Small-molecule Recognition and Biomedical Interventions *$Hof F., Daze K., Minaker S., Pinter T.
11:40 00242 Cycloinformatics *$Yudin A.K.
12:20 End of Session


How I Do It

Organizer(s) - J. Schwarcz
Chair(s) - David Harpp

08:15 00580 Redesigning the First Year Chemistry Experience *$Lait S.M.
08:30 00581 Toward the Development of a Comprehensive Microfluidics Device Construction and Characterisation Module for the Advanced Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Laboratory *$Piunno P.A.E., Zetina A., Chu N., Iskander K., Lee M.J.Y., Tavares A., Noor O.
08:45 00582 Survey of the Transition Metals: A Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiment Dizon D., *Cooper B., $Langley R.
09:00 00583 The Development of a Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Dizon D., *Cooper B., $Langley R.
09:15 00584 A "Magic Trick" to Illustrate the Properties of Rubber Fenster A.E.
09:30 00585 Computational Experiments for Higher-Level Organic Chemistry Courses *Skonieczny S., Staikova M., Dicks A.P.
09:45 00586 Murder We Wrote: A Problem-based Learning Strategy for Teaching Analytical Chemistry *Algar W.R., Krull U.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
CIC Award for Chemical Education Lecture

10:20 00587 An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks Usselman M.C.
11:00 00588 * Café CIC * Gelmini L., *$Kennepohl D.K., Lam W., Mahaffy P., Ooms K., Schmidt K., Sutherland F.
11:15 00589 Reflections on Five Years of Do-It-Yourself Audio-Visual Podcasting in Organic Chemistry *Manthorpe J.M.
11:30 00590 Lecture Capture Technology for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Tutorials *Luska K.L.
11:45 00591 The Relevance of SnO2 *$Harpp D.N.
12:00 End of Session


Batteries and electrochemical capacitors (joint with IC1)

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Sylvain Castonguay

08:00 00664 Can Lithium-Ion Batteries Operate for Over 30 Years? Dahn J.R., Smith A.J., Burns J.C., Sinha N.N., Xiong D.
Rio Tinto Alcan Award Lecture

08:40 00665 Inorganic Nanostructured Materials for Large Scale Energy Storage Nazar L.F.
09:20 Rajshekar DasGupta

10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00666 HQ Safe Li-ion for Green Transportation and Energy Storage *$Zaghib K., Dontigny M., Charest P., Guerfi A., Vijh A., Julien C., Mauger A.
11:00 00667 Graphene, N-doped Graphene and Meal Oxide Composites with Superior Li+ Storage as Anode Materials for High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Application Sun A.
11:40 00668 Ohmic Drop in Cathodes Containing Agglomerated Materials: Model and Experimental Validation on LiFePO4 Based Cathode Cornut R., Lepage D., *Schougaard S.B.
12:00 00669 Conductive Coating of LiFePO4 from « Soft » Chemistry Lepage D., *Schougaard S.B., Michot C., Liang G, Gauthier M.
12:20 End of Session


Experiments and Models for Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Environment

Organizer(s) - H. Al-Abadleh; D. Gamble
Chair(s) - Hind Al-Abadleh; Donald Gamble

08:00 00741 Site-specific Soil Adsorption Models for Toxic Elements: Development, Application and Limitations Evans L.J., *Barabash S.J.
08:40 00742 Pesticide Reaction Mechanism in Soil: An Interactive Spreadsheet Model Based on Conventional Chemical Kinetics *$Gamble D.S., Webster G.R., Lamoureux M.
09:00 00743 33S and 43Ca Solid State NMR Study of Cement Degradation by Sulfate Attack *$Moudrakovski I., Ratcliffe C., Alizadeh R., Beaudoin J.
09:20 00744 LC-MS/MS Analysis of Heterogeneous Interactions of Environmental Contaminants Patel M., *Gamble H., $Harris G., Gamble D.
09:40 00745 Surface Chemistry of Dimethylarsinic Acid (DMA) on Iron (oxyhydr)oxides Studied by ATR-FTIR: Thermodynamics and Kinetics *$Al-Abadleh H.A., Tofan-Lazar J., Mitchell W., Goldberg S.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00746 Density Functional Theory Calculations on Hydrated DMA-Iron Oxide Clusters Adamescu A., Hamilton I.P., *$Al-Abadleh H.A.
10:40 00747 Chirality in Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles Geiger F.M.G.
11:00 00748 Heterogeneous Atmospheric Photochemistry on Mineral Dust Surfaces Styler S.A., Lapierre S., $Donaldson D.J.
11:20 00749 The Effects of Water, CO, NO2, and SO2 on the Capture of Gaseous Mercury over UV-Irradiated Titania. $Snider G., Do L., *Ariya P.A.
11:40 00750 Treatment of Phenolic Pollutants by Combination of Pre-Concentration and Electrochemical Oxidation Qu X., Tian M., Liao B., *Chen A.
12:00 End of Session


Applied Nanotechnology (joint with MT10)

Organizer(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler
Chair(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler

08:00 00877 Multiscale Modeling for Rational Design and Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecular Electronic Junctions Stoyanov S.R., Zelyak O., Bonifas A., Laurentius L., Gusarov S., Bergren A.J., McDermott M.T., Du R., Lopinski G., McCreery R.L., Kovalenko A.
08:20 00878 Morphology Controlled Spectroscopic Properties in PbSe Quantum-Rods and Crosses *Bovero E., $van Veggel F.C.J. WITHDRAWN
08:40 00879 Growing Doped-Graphene from Heteroatom Precursors by Chemical Vapor Deposition: Is that Possible? *$Mohamed S., Guermoune A., Popescu F.
09:00 00880 A General One-pot Green Synthesis and Functionalization Method for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Worden M., *Yathindranith V., $Hegmann T.
09:20 00881 Towards Industrialization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Simard B., Kingston C.T., Kim K.S., Guan J., Martinez-Rubi Y.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00882 Highly Conductive Polyurethane Noble Nanoparticle Composite Films Iqbal M., Harris A., *$Eichhorn S.H.
10:40 00883 Functionalized Poly-1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone: Applications in Nanoparticle Catalysis $Yan N., Yuan Y., *Dyson P.
11:00 00884 Energetic Molecules Encapsulated Inside Carbon Nanotubes and Between Graphene Layers: DFT Calculations *Smeu M., Zahid F., Ji W., Guo H., Jaidann M., $Abou-Rachid H.
11:20 00885 Promotion of Surface Topography of Fluoropolymer Composite Coatings *Moorlag C., Qi Y., Zhang A., Gardner S., Gordon S., Song G., Hu N.-X.
11:40 00886 Nanostructured Organogel Networks Self-Assembled from Alkylated Isophthalic Acid and Benzimidazolone Compounds $Makeiff D.A., *Carlini R.
12:20 End of Session


Batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors (joint with EG1)

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Sylvain Castonguay

08:00 See EG1.

12:20 End of Session


Green Materials: Design and Benign Synthesis (joint with MT13)

Organizer(s) - J. Claverie; A. Goredema
Chair(s) - J. Claverie; A. Goredema

08:00 00887 Incorporating Poly(Hexafluoropropylene Oxide) Into Wilkinson's Catalyst: A Fluorous Biphase Approach *$Friesen C.M., Temple S. A. J., Montgomery C.D., Howell J.L
08:20 00888 Designing Renewable Monomers: A Novel Approach to Fluorenone Brown B.A., $Veinot J.G.C.
08:40 00889 Multiscale Modeling of Grafting Modifications for Design of Renewable Nanomaterials Based on Cellulose Stoyanov S.R., Gusarov S., Kovalenko A.
09:00 00890 Production of a Biobased Latex Coating Using Itaconic Acid Derived from Wood-based Carbohydrates *$Durant Y.
09:40 00891 Synthesis of Siloxane Containing Polyesters Using Immobilized Enzymes Frampton M.B., Séguin J.P., Nash L.A., *$Zelisko P.M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00892 Cellulose Nanocrystallites as an Efficient Support for Nanoparticles of Palladium: Application for Catalytic Hydrogenation and Heck Coupling Under Mild Conditions Cirtiu C.M., Kaushik M., Dunlop-Bričre A.F., Head-Marsden K., *$Moores A.
11:00 00893 Room Temperature Synthesis of Pd Nanocrystals in Phosphonium Ionic Liquids Without any External Reducing Agents Kalviri H.A., *Kerton F.M.
11:20 00894 The Catalytic Activity of FePd Nanoparticles for Suzuki Cross-Coupling of Aryl Chlorides Zhou S., *Veinot J.G. C.
11:40 00895 Green Process Chemistry on a Commercial Scale by Solvent Optimization Rey A.W.
12:20 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - C. Reber
Chair(s) - C. Reber

08:00 00968 The Catalytic Reactivity of Organometallic Diamido-Actinide Complexes Hayes C.E., *$Leznoff D.B.
08:20 00969 Unique Bonding and Reactivity in non-Cp Organolanthanide Complexes Johnson K.R.D., $Hayes P.G.
08:40 00970 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Hydroxyamidinate Cobalt Complexes Cibian M., Derossi S., *Hanan G.
09:00 00971 Synthesis of Cyclopentadienyl Chromium Imido Complexes Zhou W., *Smith K.M.
09:20 00972 The Nitrotetrazolate-2N-Oxide Anion: New Energetic Materials and Chemistry Göbel M., Karaghiosoff K., *Klapötke T.M., Piercey D.G., Stierstorfer J.
09:40 00973 Unusual Reactivity of Bis(trimethylphosphine)acetylacetonatoRh(I) Towards Diynes: A Route to Luminescent Organometallic Compounds $Thibault M.-H., Tay M.G., Steffen A., Bastanov A.S., Beeby A., *Marder T.B.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00974 The Electronic Structure of Ruthenium Bis(b-diketonate) Complexes of Redox-active Verdazyl Radicals, as a Function of Oxidation State - a DFT Analysis McKinnon S.D.J., Patrick B.O., Lever A.B.P., Hicks R.G.
10:40 00975 Synthesis, Characterization, and DFT Investigation of a Series of Multi-Nuclear Ruthenium Complexes Incorporating Non-Innocent Ligands Kalinina D., Dares C., Potvin P.G., *$Lever A.B.P.
11:00 00976 Electronic and Steric Control of Dioxygen Binding in Transition Metal Complexes: Exploration of Factors that Favour Formation of Singlet Dioxygen Adducts Covelli D., *$Kennepohl P.
11:20 00977 Structural Basis for the Vapochromic Response of a Series of Platinum(II) Salts *Connick W.B., Taylor S.D., Muldoon A.M., Norton A.I., Krause J.A.
11:40 00978 Low-power Noncoherent Photon Upconversion for the Development of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Sugunan S.K., Paige M.F., Steer R.P.
12:00 00979 Excited State Mixed Valence Zink J.I.
12:20 End of Session


Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

Organizer(s) - P. Ragogna; A. Dyker
Chair(s) - Paul Ragogna

08:00 00980 Applications of Early Transition-Metal Chemistry to the Synthesis of Main Group Compounds Velian A., Tofan D., Cossairt B.M., $Cummins C.C.
08:40 00981 Applications of Hexacoordinated Phosphorus(V) Anions Siu P.W., $Gates D.P.
09:00 00982 Stannylphosphonium Salts MacDonald E.P., Doyle L., *Burford N., Decken A., McDonald R.
09:20 00983 Voltammetry and In Situ EPR Spectroelectrochemistry of Congested Phenylchalcogenides peri-Substituted on Naphthalene Rings *$Boeré R.T., Roemmele T.L., Aschenbach L.K., Randall R.A.M., Knight F.R., Bühl M., Slawin A.M.Z., Woollins J.D.
09:40 00984 Pnictenium Cations: Redox Reactions and the Freedom to Choose the Counteranion Brazeau A.L., *$Ragogna P.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00985 Donor-Acceptor Stabilization of Heavy Group 14 Element Hydrides (EH2 and H2EEH2; E = Si, Ge or Sn) *$Rivard E., Al-Rafia S.M.I., Liew S.K., Malcolm A.C., Ferguson M.J., McDonald R.
11:00 00986 Pressure-induced Enhancement of the Magnetic Ordering Temperature of a Thiazyl Radical: A Magneto-structural Correlation *$Rawson J.M., Thomson R.I.
11:20 00987 The Influence of Intramolecular Secondary Bonding on the Chemical and Spectroscopic Properties of Organo-Chalcogen Compounds Elder P.J.W., *Vargas-Baca I.
11:40 00988 Phosphorus-centered Cations in Synthesis Echterhoff A.K.C., Feldmann K.-O., Henne F.D., Holthausen M.H., Schulz S., *$Weigand J.J.
12:20 End of Session


Symposium in Honour of John Harrod

Organizer(s) - I.S. Butler; D. Zargarian
Chair(s) - Ian Butler

08:00 00989 High-pressure Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy: Mechanochemistry of Organosilicon Compounds *$Butler I.S.
08:20 00990 Rhodium: Increasingly Expensive But Even Richer in Chemistry James B.R.
09:00 00991 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Ternary Metal Hydride Salts: Ca2RhH5, Ca2IrH5 and Sr2IrH5 Barsan M.M., Butler I.S., *Gilson D.F.R., Moyer Jr.,R.O., Wu H., Udovic T.J.
09:20 00992 Development of New Classes of Metal Catalyzed Coupling Reactions *$Arndtsen B.A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00993 High Surface Area Metal Structures by Citrate Surfactant Reduction *$Brook M.A., Gonzaga F.
11:00 00994 Crystal to Crystal Transformation and Small Molecule Activation of Rhodium Bis(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Complexes Keske E.C., Zenkina O.V., Wang R., $Crudden C.M.
11:20 00995 The Chemistry and Properties of T8, T10 and T12 {[RSiO1.5 ]8,10,12} Silsesquioxanes *$Laine R.M.
12:00 00996 Boro- and Alumino-hydride Complexes in Polymerization Catalysis *$Collins S.
12:20 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Francoise Winnik

08:00 Joint with BM and MT - see BM5.

12:20 End of Session


Block Copolymer Self-assembly: Symposium in Honour of Adi Eisenberg (joint with MT1)

Organizer(s) - G. Liu
Chair(s) - Guojun Liu

08:00 01316 Templated Formation of Nanowires in Self Assembled Polymer Nanotubes Bourret G.R., Lazzara T.D., van de Ven T.G.M., Lennox R.B.
08:40 01317 Block Copolymer Micelles and Gels in Ionic Liquids *$Lodge T.P.
09:20 01318 Polymer Micelles: From Ionomers to Arborescent Copolymers *Gauthier M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01319 Synthesis and Characterisation of Block Copolymer Membranes for Ultrafiltration and Gas Separation Fierro D., Jung A., Rangou S., Abetz C., Shishatskiy S., Filiz V., Boschetti de Fierro A., Abetz V.
11:00 01320 Self-Assembly of Hyperbranchyed Polymers and Its Biomedical Applications Zhou Y.F., Huang W., Zhu X.Y., *Yan D.Y.
11:40 01321 Filling Space with Block Copolymers *$Croll A.B.
12:00 01322 Crystallization-Driven Formation of Cylindrical Micelles from ABC Triblock Copolymers Gao Y., *Liu G.J.
12:20 End of Session


Polymers at Surfaces (joint with SS6)

Organizer(s) - S. Giasson
Chair(s) - Christian Pellerin

08:00 01323 Surface-initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Nanopatterning of Block Copolymers Constrained to Flat Surfaces Gao S., Gu H., Zhu S.
08:40 01324 Stimuli-Responsive Nanostructured Materials: Design and Applications Minko S.
09:20 01325 Real Time Fluorimetric Monitoring of Polyelectrolyte Brush Degrafting from Substrates Borozenko O., Lin Lau K., Godin R., Cosa G., $Skene W.G., *Giasson S.
09:40 01326 Conformational and Phase Behavior of Negatively-Charged Poly (Ethylene Glycol)-Grafted Phospholipid Monolayers spread on Water and Phosphate Buffered Saline Shahid M.N., *$Tsoukanova V.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01327 Visualizing Exicton Migration in Single Water Soluble Conjugated Polymer Encapsulated in Liposome Nanocontainers Hariri A., Karam P., *$Cosa G.
10:40 01328 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Grafted Polymers Containing Pyrenyl Groups: Thermal and Photophysical Properties Fowler M.A., Yip J., *$Duhamel J., Gelover-Santiago A., Burillo G., Rivera E.
11:00 01329 Highly Active Electrophiles in the Formation of Silicones from Hydrosilanes *Dodge L., Grande J., Gonzaga F., $Brook M.A.
11:20 01330 Sulphide Passivation of GaAs Surface in Thiourea Electrolytes: XPS, ICP-MS, SEM and Electrochemical Studies Khader M.M.
11:40 01331 On the Nature of the Hydroxyl Radicals Produced at Boron-doped Diamond and Ebonex Anodes *$Bunce N.J., Bejan D., Guinea E.
12:00 01332 The Degradation Mechanism of Fuel Cell-based Breath Alcohol Sensors Prest L.E., *$Easton B.E.
12:20 End of Session


Applied Nanotechnology (joint with IC8)

Organizer(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler
Chair(s) - C. Moorlag; M. Geissler

08:00 See IC8.

12:20 End of Session


Batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors

Organizer(s) - S. Schougaard; D. Rochefort; Y. Abu-Lebdeh
Chair(s) - Sylvain Castonguay

08:00 Joint with EG and IC - see EG1.

12:20 End of Session


Biopolymers and Other Biomaterials for Medical Applications (joint with BM5)

Organizer(s) - F. Winnick; E. Gillies
Chair(s) - Francoise Winnik

08:00 See BM5.

12:20 End of Session


Block Copolymer Self-assembly: Symposium in Honour of Adi Eisenberg (joint with MS1)

Organizer(s) - G. Liu
Chair(s) - Guojun Liu

08:00 See MS1.

12:20 End of Session


Green Materials: Design and Benign Synthesis (joint with IC4)

Organizer(s) - J. Claverie; A. Goredema
Chair(s) - J. Claverie; A. Goredema

08:00 See IC4.

12:20 End of Session


Materials and Sensors for In Situ Imaging and Biomedical Applications

Organizer(s) - J. Capobianco; F. Vetrone
Chair(s) - John A. Capobianco

08:00 01536 Cadmium-free Nanoparticles for Cancer Imaging and Therapy *$Nadeau J.L., Chibli H., Zhang X., Carlini L.
08:40 01537 Copper Selenide Nanocrystals for Photothermal Therapy Hessel C.M., Pattani V., Rasch M., Panthani M., Koo B., Tunnell J.W., Korgel B.A.
09:00 01538 Two-Step Time-Gated Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Relays Using Biomolecular Assemblies of Quantum Dots with Terbium Complexes and Fluorescent Dyes *Algar W.R., Stewart M.H., Susumu K., Armstrong A., Blanco-Canosa J.B., Dawson P.E., Hildebrandt N., Huston A., $Medintz I.L.
09:20 01539 Plasmonic Nanoparticle Dimers for Optical Sensing in Complex Media *Chen J.I.L., Chen Y., $Ginger D.S.
09:40 01540 InP/ZnS Cadmium Free Quantum Dots for Cancer Imaging and Therapy Chibli H., Carlini L., Park S., Dimitrijevic N., *$Nadeau J.L.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01541 Rational Design and Synthesis of Near Infrared Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications Zhao H., Chaker M., *$Ma D.
11:00 01542 Synthesis and Surface Functionalization of Lanthanide-Doped Upconverting Nanoparticles for Use in Targeting and Therapeutics Naccache R., Vetrone F., *$Capobianco J.A.
11:20 01543 Gadolinium Oxide Ultranarrow Nanorods as Multimodal Contrast Agents for Optical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Das G.K., *$Tan T.T.Y.
11:40 01544 Organic Electrochemical Transistors: Working Principle and Applications in Sensing *$Cicoira F.
12:00 01545 Cellulose Nanocrystals: An Efficient Drug Carriers? *Mahmoud K., Male K., Hrapovic S., Mena J., Kamen A., $Luong J.
12:20 End of Session


Self-assembly at Surfaces and Interfaces (joint with SS3)

Organizer(s) - H. Eichhorn; D. Perepichka
Chair(s) - Eicchorn

08:00 01546 Self Assembled Ionic Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines: Structure and Electronic Properties in Two and Three Dimensions *$Hipps K.W., Mazur Ursula
08:40 01547 Self-Patterning, Strongly Physisorbed Monolayers on HOPG: Development and Application as "Bottom-Up" Templates Zimmt M.B.
09:20 01548 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers of Amphiphilic Tetraazaporphyrin Derivatives and Their Cross-Linking Ahmida M.M., Kayal H., Dufour D., *Eichhorn S.H., Schmidt R., DeWolf C.
09:40 01549 Self-Assembly of Oligothiophenecarboxylic Acid Monolayer by Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) Fu C., *Ivasenko O., Macleod J.M., Taerum T., $Perepichka D.F., Rosei F.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01550 Exploring Molecular Assembly at Surfaces Rosei F.
11:00 01551 Self-Assembly with Chiral Chemical Intent Demers-Carpentier V., Goubert G., Masini F., Dong Y., Brunelle J., Lavoie S., Pan Y., Hammer B., McBreen P.H.
11:20 01552 Chiral Self-Assembly and Molecular Motion $Goubert G., Demers-Carpentier V., Brunelle J., Dong Y., Masini F., *McBreen P.
11:40 01553 Conduction Modulation of p-Stacked Ethylbenzene Wires on Si(100) with Substituent Groups *Smeu M., DiLabio G.A., Wolkow R.A., $Guo H.
12:00 01554 A Computational Study of Electronic and Geometric Properties in the Au25 and Au102 "Staple" Motif $Christensen S.L., Chatt A., *Zhang P.
12:20 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - J.L. Gleason; H. Lebel
Chair(s) - M. Jha

08:00 01680 Controlled and Chemoselective Reductions of Secondary and Tertiary Amides : Versatile Applications of HEH and Et3SiH as Reducing Agents Pelletier G., Bechara W.S., Barbe G., *Charette A.B.
08:20 01681 Advances in the Photochemical Rearrangement of N-mesyloxylactams : Inter and Intra-molecular Trapping with C-nucleophiles Pichette S., Lessard J., *$Spino C.
08:40 01682 BINOL-Imidazolium Salts: From Thermal Properties To Catalytic Studies Vidal M., *Schmitzer A.R.
09:00 01683 Pd-Catalyzed Synthesis of Indoles via Cross-Coupling/Alkyne Cyclization Chemistry Involving Ammonia, Methylamine and Hydrazine Alsabeh P.G., Lundgren R.J., Longobardi L.E., *$Stradiotto M.
09:20 01684 Amination with Pd-NHC Complexes: Effects of the Oxidative Addition and Amine Partners Hoi K.H., Calimsiz S., Froses R.D.J., Hopkinson A.C., *$Organ M.G.
09:40 01685 Rhodium and Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis of 1,2-Dihydroquinolines: A Study of Multiple Ligand-Metal Interactions in Domino Catalysis Zhang L., *Panteleev J., $Lautens M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01686 Reactivity of Rhodaoxetanes and Related Structures: On the Road to Novel Catalytic Transformations Dauth A., *$Love J.A.
10:40 01687 Synthesis of Biologically Important Furanoterpenes: Furospongolide and Relatives Albert V., *$Boukouvalas J.
11:00 01688 Highly Enantioselective Intermolecular Stetter Reactions Employing a-Ketoesters as Versatile Acceptors Sánchez-Larios E., Thai K., Bilodeau F., *$Gravel M.
11:20 01689 Additive Effects in Silicon-Directed Nazarov Cyclization Joy S., Nakanishi W., *$West F.G.
11:40 01690 Stereoselective Synthesis of Both Stereoisomers of b-Fluorostyrenes Derivatives from a Common Intermediate Landelle G., Turcotte-Savard M.-O., Angers L., *Paquin J.-F.
12:00 01691 Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Additions of Arylboronic Acids to Unactivated Alkenes and Nitriles: Studies of Regioselectivity and Novel Product Formation $Tsui G.C., Menard F., Glenadel Q., Lau C., *Lautens M.
12:20 End of Session


Green Chemistry and Catalysis in Honour of Tak-Hang (Bill) Chan

Organizer(s) - C.J. Li; A.B. Charette
Chair(s) - A. Schmitzer; C. Legault

08:00 01692 Some Organic Reactions in Pyrrolidinium Ionic Liquids *$Wong K.-Y., Wong W.-L., Ho K.-P.
08:40 01693 Transition Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts Stabilized by Functionalized Ionic Liquids Luska K.L., Stratton S.A., *$Moores A.
09:00 01694 Synthesis and Stability of Nanoparticle Catalysts in Ionic Liquid Media *$Scott R.W.J., Dash P., Banerjee A.
09:20 01695 Ionic Liquids: Alternative Solvents for Catalysis and Separations *$Singer R.D., Sonar S., Sadaphal S.A., Gomez A.T., Cuthbert T., Durand A., Ambrose K., Abraham T., Scammells P.J., Ford L., Atefi F., Harjani J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01696 CO2-Triggered Switchable Surfactants for the Oil Industry *$Jessop P.G., Horton J.H., Hodson P.V., Brown R.S.
11:00 01697 Low-Cost CO2 Capture Using Enzyme Catalysis *Savile C.K., Nguyen L., Alviso O., Balatskaya S., Benoit M., Fusman I., Geilhufe J., Gitin S., Liang J., Novick S., Parsons J., Zimmerman S., Lalonde J., Fradette S., Abokitse K., Belanger A.-S., Ceperkovic O., Daigle R., Gingras J., Madore E., Simard M.
11:40 01698 Asymmetric Organocatalysis Induced by the Anion of an Ionic Liquid Gauchot V., *Schmitzer A.
12:00 01699 Synthesis of Indoles by Conjugate Addition and Ligand-Free Copper-Catalyzed Intramolecular Arylation of Activated Acetylenes with o-Haloanilines $Gao D., *Back T.G.
12:20 End of Session


Keith Fagnou Memorial Symposium

Organizer(s) - L. Barriault; A. Beauchemin
Chair(s) - Louis Barriault

08:40 01700 From Concerted Amination Reactivity to New Tethering Organocatalysts $Beauchemin A.M.
09:20 01701 Computationally-Guided Stereocontrol of the Combined C-H Activation/Cope Rearrangement *$Davies H.M.L., Lian Y.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01702 Synthesis of Natural Products and Natural Product Hybrids *$Gleason J.L.
11:00 01703 Synthesis and Stereoselective Cross-Coupling of Chiral Alkylboronates Lee J.C.H., *$Hall D.G.
11:40 01704 Catalytic Transformations of Arenes *$Hartwig J.F.
12:20 End of Session


Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology (joint with BM8)

Organizer(s) - M.J. Damha; C.J. Wilds
Chair(s) - Masad Damha

08:00 See BM8.

12:00 End of Session


Peptide Science (joint with BM2)

Organizer(s) - W. Lubell; F. Polyak
Chair(s) - William Lubell

08:00 See BM2.

12:20 End of Session


Computational Biochemistry and Drug Design (joint with BM12)

Organizer(s) - G. Lamoureux; N. Moitessier
Chair(s) - Nicolas Doucet

08:00 Mon AM session is joint with BM7 - Altered Proteins, Design and Engineering; see under BM7

12:20 End of Session


Organic Ultrathin Films and Biomimetic Interfaces (joint with SS2)

Organizer(s) - C. DeWolf; A. Badia

08:00 See SS2.

12:20 End of Session


Solid State NMR: From Materials to Biomolecules

Organizer(s) - I. Marcotte; M. Lafleur
Chair(s) - David Bryce

08:20 02027 Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Metallic Pressure Vessels Balcom B.J.
09:00 02028 Structural Investigation of Paramagnetic Double Perovskites using 89Y and 137Ba MAS NMR *Michaelis V.K., Aharen T., Greedan J.E., $Kroeker S.
09:20 02029 Characterising Lone-Pair Activity of Birefringent Lead(II) Coordination Polymers by 207Pb Solid-State NMR Greer B.J., Michaelis V.K., Katz M.J., Leznoff D.B., Schreckenbach G., *$Kroeker S.
09:40 02030 Exploring Amplitude- and Phase-Encoded Contact Pulses for Improving Cross-Polarization Bandwidth in Solid-State NMR Harris K.J., *$Schurko R.W.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 02031 19F Solid-state NMR Techniques Development for Fluorine Containing Systems *$Hazendonk P., Chaudhary P., Gerken M., Montina T., Opyr M.
10:40 02032 High-Order Quadrupole-Induced Effects in Solid-State NMR Spectra for I = 5/2 via Iodine-127 and Rhenium-185/187 Nuclei Widdifield C.M., Bain A.D., *$Bryce D.L.
11:00 02033 2H Double and Zero Quantum Filtered NMR Spectroscopy of D2O in Nafion Vanderveen J.R., Blackburn M.A., *$Ooms K.J.
11:20 02034 Removal of Sidebands in Double-Rotation NMR Using Inversion Pulses Perras F.A., *$Bryce D.L.
11:40 02035 A Study of Transition-Metal Organometallic Complexes using 35Cl NMR, 35Cl NQR and First-Principles DFT Calculations Johnston K.E., *$Schurko R. W.
12:00 02036 6Li 2D Exchange and 1D EXSY Studies of Slowly Exchanging Lithium Vanadium Fluorophosphates Davis L.J.M., He X.J., Bain A.D., *$Goward G.R.
12:20 End of Session


Understanding Molecular Properties and Interactions: A Symposium in Honour of Ajit Thakkar's 60th Birthday

Organizer(s) - N. Cann; R. Doerksen
Chair(s) - N. Cann; V. Staroverov

08:00 02037 Electron Transfer and Other Reactions in Proteins: Towards an Understanding of the Effects of Quantum Decoherence Salahub D.R.
08:40 02038 A Theoretical Approach to Understanding Redox-Induced Electron Transfer *$Ayers P. W.
09:00 02039 DFT Study on the Radical Anions Formed by 8-Aminoquinoline Drugs Liu H., Walker L.A., *$Doerksen R.J.
09:20 02040 Efficient Sampling of Quantum Systems Using Path Integral Molecular Dynamics: Applications to Weakly Bound Systems and Biomolecules Ing C., Hinsen K., Yang J., $Roy P.N.
09:40 02041 Intermolecular Interactions in the Design of Novel Therapeutics Against the Dengue Virus Nilar S.H.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 02042 Wave Packets Revivals in Quantum Systems. Applications in Graphene *$Romera E.
11:00 02043 Computational Modeling of Intermolecular Interactions in Heavy Oils Stoyanov S.R., Costa L.M., Hayaki S., Gusarov S., Tan X., Gray M.R., Stryker J.M., Tykwinski R., Carneiro J.W.M., Kovalenko A.
11:20 02044 Accelerated Molecular Dynamics in the Molecular Modelling Tool Kit using Graphical Processing Units Constable S.J., $Roy P.N.
11:40 02045 Metal-mediated Molecular Junctions: A Computational Design *$Naumkin F.Y., Kochhar G.
12:00 02046 Tungsten(II)-Catalyzed Rearrangements of Norbornadiene: Which Way to the Carbene? Jayaraman A., Berner G.M., Mihichuk L.M., *$East A.L.L.
12:20 End of Session


Organic Ultrathin Films and Biomimetic Interfaces (joint with PT10)

Organizer(s) - C. DeWolf; A. Badia
Chair(s) - Antonella Badia; Joelle Frechette

08:00 02368 Directed Motion of a Drop on a Homogeneous Surface Using Responsive Self-Assembled Monolayers Luo M.X., *$Frechette J.
08:40 02369 Determination of Young's Modulus for Nanofibrillated Cellulose Multilayer Thin Films Using Buckling Mechanics *$Cranston E.D., Eita M., Johansson E., Netrval J., Salajkova M., Arwin H., Wagberg L.
09:00 02370 Alkyl Monolayer Dielectrics for Molecular Sensing on Silicon Dubey G., Mischki T.K., Mozenson O., Li Y., Bin X., Bearss B., Wayner D.D.M, *Lopinski G.P.
09:20 02371 Large Scale Crystallinity in Polythiophene-Based Langmuir-Blodgett Films Imaging Conducting Polymers at the Molecular Level *$Leach G.W., Mattu J., Han J
09:40 02372 Study of the Organization in Polyindolocarbazole Films Obtained by Langmuir-Blodgett Technique *Ouattara M., Rioux-Dubé J.-F., Pézolet M., Leclerc M., $Brisson J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 02373 Peptide SAM to Monitor Biomolecules in Crude Biofluids Using SPR Sensors Based on Microhole Arrays *Masson J.-F., Bolduc O.R., Breault-Turcot J., Live L.S., Pelletier J.N.
11:00 02374 Supported Bilayers on Spherical Silica Substrates: Preparation, Characterization and Applications Gopalakrishnan G., Rouiller I., Colman D.R., *$Lennox R.B.
11:40 02375 Biosensing Platforms: Supported Lipid Bilayers on Polymer Cushions $Mulligan K.M., *Johnston L.J.
12:00 02376 A New Probe for Measuring Orientational Order Changes in Membranes Carter Ramirez D.M., Jakubek Z.J., Ogilvie W.W., *Johnston L.J.
12:20 End of Session


Polymers at Surfaces (joint with MS6)

Organizer(s) - S. Giasson
Chair(s) - Christian Pellerin

08:00 See MS6.

12:20 End of Session


Self-assembly at Surfaces and Interfaces (joint with MT11)

Organizer(s) - H. Eichhorn; D. Perepichka
Chair(s) - Eicchorn

08:00 See MT11.

12:20 End of Session

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