94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Plenary Lectures

Sunday PM


Conference Opening

18:00 Welcome message from Conference Chair and CSC President

18:10 Announcement of Chemistry Olympiad Team Canada

CIC Medal Lecture

18:20 00001 Block Copolymer Vesicles Following Nature's Trail With Bigger Molecules Eisenberg A.
19:00 MDEIE Speakers

Montreal Medal Lecture

19:10 00002 From Colloids to Nanoscience: Chemistry at the Meso Scale Kwak J.C.T.
19:50 Closing Remarks

20:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM


Plenary Lecture

11:20 00003 Building Molecules to Image Electric Fields and Disease Processes Miller E.W., Olson E.S., Aguilera T.A., Jiang T., Whitney M., Crisp J.L., Steinbach P., Ellies L.G., Nguyen Q.T., Tsien R.Y.
12:20 End of Session

Thursday PM


Plenary Lecture

13:40 00004 Design and Synthesis of Drug Prototypes Inspired by Natural Products Hanessian S.
14:40 End of Session

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