94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Chemical Education

Monday AM


How I Do It

Organizer(s) - J. Schwarcz
Chair(s) - David Harpp

08:15 00580 Redesigning the First Year Chemistry Experience *$Lait S.M.
08:30 00581 Toward the Development of a Comprehensive Microfluidics Device Construction and Characterisation Module for the Advanced Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Laboratory *$Piunno P.A.E., Zetina A., Chu N., Iskander K., Lee M.J.Y., Tavares A., Noor O.
08:45 00582 Survey of the Transition Metals: A Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiment Dizon D., *Cooper B., $Langley R.
09:00 00583 The Development of a Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Dizon D., *Cooper B., $Langley R.
09:15 00584 A "Magic Trick" to Illustrate the Properties of Rubber Fenster A.E.
09:30 00585 Computational Experiments for Higher-Level Organic Chemistry Courses *Skonieczny S., Staikova M., Dicks A.P.
09:45 00586 Murder We Wrote: A Problem-based Learning Strategy for Teaching Analytical Chemistry *Algar W.R., Krull U.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
CIC Award for Chemical Education Lecture

10:20 00587 An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks Usselman M.C.
11:00 00588 * Café CIC * Gelmini L., *$Kennepohl D.K., Lam W., Mahaffy P., Ooms K., Schmidt K., Sutherland F.
11:15 00589 Reflections on Five Years of Do-It-Yourself Audio-Visual Podcasting in Organic Chemistry *Manthorpe J.M.
11:30 00590 Lecture Capture Technology for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Tutorials *Luska K.L.
11:45 00591 The Relevance of SnO2 *$Harpp D.N.
12:00 End of Session

Monday PM


How I Do It

Organizer(s) - J. Schwarcz
Chair(s) - David Harpp

13:40 00592 A Chemical Demonstration to Illustrate a Medical Mystery Fenster A.E.
13:55 00593 Spamming and Other Pedagogical Tools Lucy C.A.
14:10 00594 A Great Demo for Young and Older Kids ! Gauthier J.M.
14:25 00595 How to Teach 3rd Graders About DNA *$Sabatino D.
14:40 00596 Timbits and the Partition Function...Feeding Students Statistical Thermodynamics *$Wiseman P. W.
14:55 00597 I Do It with Props and Toys ! Barrett C.J.
15:10 00598 On Your Mark.....Get Set....GO! Taking the Time to Teach the Importance of Time Venkateswaran R.
15:25 00599 Functional True/False Testing *$Mittermaier A.K.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00600 Organic Synthesis for Non-Chemists: Hard Rock and the Curtius Rearrangement *$Tsantrizos Y.S.
16:15 00601 Teaching a History of Chemistry Course at a Liberal Arts University Patenaude G.W.
16:30 00602 Six Degrees of Separation: A Chemistry Literature Search Assignment Dennie D., *Cuccia L.A.
16:45 00603 Molecular Modeling of Buckyball with Beads Tang N.Y.-W., Cheung P.S.M., *Cuccia L.A.
17:00 00604 Duelling Bonding Theories: A Student Engagement Strategy to Improve Effective Use of Molecular Bonding Models *$McNeil W.S.
17:15 00605 Lewis Structures, Oxidation States, and Stoichiometry Made Easy and Fun! *Gauvin F.
17:30 00606 The Engaged Experimenter Jansen M.P.
17:45 End of Session


Poster Session

From 17:40 until 20:30

17:40 00607 Teaching Hemoglobin to Third Graders Proulx C., Beiba S., *$Lubell W.D.
17:40 00608 Teaching about G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) by Combining Science and Art in Elementary School Drapeau C., Kassem T., *$Lubell W.D.
17:40 00609 Mineral Water Analysis: A General Chemistry Experiment *$Bazzi A., Bazzi J., Bandyopadhyay K., Stewart O.
17:40 00610 Teaching Third Graders About Digestive Enzymes Godina T., Collett G., Di Cesare A., $Lubell W.D.
17:40 00611 Detection of Salicylic Acid in Willow Bark: An Experiment for Introductory Organic Chemistry *$Clay M.D., McLeod E.J.
17:40 00612 How To Teach 3rd Graders About Cellulose Beauregard K., Rodriguez D., *Lubell W.D.
17:40 End of Session

Tuesday AM


Health Related Topics in the Chemistry Classroom

Organizer(s) - J. Schwarcz
Chair(s) - Joe Schwarcz

08:00 00613 The Use of Health-Related Applications with Foundations in the Year 1 Chemistry Curriculum *Lock P.E.
08:20 02413 Vaccine Myths and Realities Ward B.
09:00 00615 Chemistry and the Placebo Effect Raz A.
09:40 00616 Adding Medical Context to the Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry Rayner-Canham G., Quigley-Strickland J.
10:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM


Cheating and Ethics in the Classroom

Organizer(s) - D. Harpp
Chair(s) - David Harpp

13:40 00617 Crime in the Classroom *$Harpp D.N.
14:20 00618 Large Scale Collusion on Multiple Choice Tests and Why 'They' Don't Stop It Wesolowsky G.O.
15:00 00619 Using Turnitin To Teach Laboratory Academic Integrity Dicks A.P.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00620 Teaching Academic Integrity as well as Teaching Chemistry *$Thomas D.F.
16:20 00621 The Ethics Landscape: Catalyzing Change in our Chemistry Classrooms *Brydges S.
16:40 00622 Beyond Prevention: Developing Ethically Responsible Professionals Bertram Gallant T.
17:20 End of Session

Wednesday AM


Chemistry Beyond Formulas

Chair(s) - Geoff Rayner-Canham

08:00 00623 Tailoring Chemistry to the Nanoscale: Implementing Advanced Materials into the Undergraduate Curriculum McGilvray K.L.
08:20 00624 A New Approach to Service Learning in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory: Lab Skills Seminars *$Mikhaylichenko S., Hussain F.
08:40 00625 Chemistry Beyond Calculations and Calculators Hoffman M.Z.
09:00 00626 The World of Cosmetics Cape D.
09:40 00627 Students CAN Achieve Higher Orders of Thinking in Introductory Organic Chemistry Courses $Flynn A.B.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00628 Chemophobia and the Chicken McNuggets Saga Schwarcz J.
10:40 00629 Chemical Demonstrations as an Active-Learning Tool for Non-Science Majors *Brydges S.
11:00 00630 Thode at 100 *$Howard-Lock H.E., Lock P.E., Preston C., Preston M.A.
11:20 00631 Improving Student Generated Documents *$Linkletter B.A.
11:40 00632 Building Conceptual Frameworks: Course Organization and Lecture Strategies Benoit W.L.
12:00 00633 An Online Self-Diagnostic Test for Introductory General Chemistry *$Kennepohl D.K.
12:20 End of Session

Wednesday PM


Do Teaching Techniques Make a Difference?

Organizer(s) - A. Fenster
Chair(s) - Ariel Fenster

16:00 00634 Approaches to Studying and Student Success *$Stone D.C.
16:20 00635 The Effectiveness of Learning Support Outside the Classroom Lekhi A.
16:40 00636 Development of a Suite of Integrated Wet/Computational Experiments for the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Curriculum *$Gravel M., Palmer D.R.J., Sánchez-Larios E.
17:00 00637 What Effects do Electronic Resources have on Students' Performance? *$Burk R.C.
17:20 00638 An Inquiry Course for 2nd Year Undergraduate Chemical Biology McKenzie N., Berti P.J.
17:40 End of Session


Career Planning: Advice to Graduate and Undergraduate Students (joint with IC9)

Organizer(s) - D. Anderson
Chair(s) - Darren J. Anderson

16:00 See IC9.

18:00 End of Session


Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

From 17:40 until 20:30

17:40 00639 A Qualitative Study of the Factors Influencing the Transition from High-School to University Chemistry *$Stone D.C., Dason S., Ren H., Shamsi H.
17:40 00640 A Correlation Study of Factors Affecting High School Transition into Undergraduate Chemistry Using the ASSIST Instrument: A Statistical Analysis of the Survey Data *$Stone D.C., Gao X., Hong J.Y.L., Lu J.
17:40 00641 Development of a Temperature Dependent, Extended van der Waals Equation Mueller A., *$Jensen R.H.
17:40 00642 Presenting Plant Photosynthesis to Elementary Students Using Chlorophyll Extraction Kairouz V., Hopewell R., *$Lubell W.D., Zoellner D.
17:40 End of Session

Thursday AM


Do Teaching Techniques Make a Difference?

Organizer(s) - A. Fenster
Chair(s) - Andy Dicks

08:00 00643 Does a Single Hands-On Experience with an NMR Spectrometer Improve Student Performance in Organic Spectroscopy? *Manthorpe J.M.
08:20 00644 Integrated Research-Based Chemical Biology Undergraduate Laboratory Courses at McMaster University McKenzie N.
08:40 00645 How Authentic Scientific Inquiry Contributes to Student Engagement *$Walker T.L.
09:00 00646 Service-Learning in the Chemical Sciences Poe J.C.
09:20 00647 Evaluating Teaching: Re-visiting the Use of Chemistry Concept Inventories McWilliams A., George N., Naik K.
09:40 00648 Impact of Molecular Complexity and Bond Rotations on Cognitive Overload in Organic Stereochemistry Problems *$Miller T.A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00649 Using Analogies in Organic Chemistry: Making the Abstract Tangible *$Johnson A.E.
10:40 00650 High School Chemistry: Some Teaching Techniques that Work Jansen M.P.
11:00 00651 Bringing Micro Flow Chemistry to Undergraduate Laboratories $Greener J., Tumarakin E., Kumacheva E.
11:20 00652 Course Optimization Through Learning Goal Development, Assessment and Data Driven Modifications: Outcomes from a Large Introductory Lab Duis J.M., $Schafer L.L., Nussbaum S., Stewart J., Mah N., D'souza S.
11:40 00653 Student Contact Hours: How Much Is Too Much? Focsaneanu K.-S.
12:00 00654 Interactive Teaching and Learning Activities in the Chemistry Classroom - Large and Small *Lock P.E.
12:20 End of Session

Thursday PM


Student Presentations

Organizer(s) - A. Dicks
Chair(s) - Andy Dicks

14:40 00655 Lab Skill Seminar Experience Mohammad S., *Li T., $Dalili S.
15:00 00656 Novel Petasis and Sonogashira Reactions for the Undergraduate Organic Laboratory Koroluk K.J., Jackson D.J., Dicks A.P.
15:20 00657 Investigating the Mechanism of Heteroaromatic Decarboxylation: An Upper-Level Undergraduate Laboratory Experiment Guevara Opińska L., Mundle S., *Kluger R., $Dicks A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00658 A Correlation Study of Factors Affecting High School Transition into Undergraduate Chemistry Using the ASSIST Instrument: A Statistical Analysis of the Survey Data *$Stone D.C., Hong J.Y.L., Lu J., Gao X.
16:20 00659 A Qualitative Study of Factors Influencing the High School University Transition in Chemistry $Stone D.C., Dason S., Ren H., Shamsi H.
16:40 End of Session


Do Teaching Techniques Make a Difference?

Organizer(s) - A. Fenster
Chair(s) - Ariel Fenster

16:40 00660 Who Are the Students That Will Do an Optional Web-based Formative Assessment? Doige C.A.
17:00 00661 Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization as a Platform for a Discipline-integrated Upper Level Chemistry Lab Experience Chau M., Lai E., Bussiere G., Monga V., *Stoodley R.
17:20 00662 Teaching Research in the Undergraduate Laboratory; Getting Students Invested in their Own Education *Huot M., Therrien E., Moitessier N.
17:40 00663 Water Fluoridation: Are the Benefits Worth the Risk? Fenster A.E.
18:00 End of Session

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